Mommy is coming……………..

Mom is coming here for a month,which is very short but planning to make use most of it.This is her third trip here.Before i was working so didn’t spend much time with her.Now full day free at home.More than me kids are excited about her visit.Varunavi has planned so much for granny.She just loves her and so my mom.

Her plans are like this—

Ammamma will give bath

Ammamma will feed me

Ammamma will tell me stories

Will take ammamma to Dubai dolphinarium

Will take her to sharjah aquarium

Will take her for a boat ride in abra

Will make my mom cook for me as i get bored of eating the samething done my me.Just waiting to attack the snacks she is getting from hyderabad.
Tomorrow night she will be here,will be here,will be here……. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ships of the Desert— CAMEL

Camel is also know as ships of the desert.

Camel racing is a century old arab sport where children were used as a jockeys.The advantage of using a child over an adult is their low weight and height,which meant the camels could run faster.Many laws have been made but till 2005 children were used as jockeys.Many children suffered injuries such as broken legs and hands from falling off camels,which can run up to 30km per hour.Now instead of a child,camels in UAE are ridden by small robots which are tied into camels by hand.

Many boys were bought from their parents in Pakistan,India Sudan and Bangladesh for as low as US$3.Parents in these countries used to sell their boys to arabs not knowing that these kids are used as jockeys.These children were not fed properly because the owners don’t want them to gain weight,they were given 2 biscuits a day and some water to drink.Few kids don’t know to talk there language nor they know to which country they belong to.UAE was the first country to ban child jockeys in the year 1993.But that was highly ignored until the year 2005.Finally in the year 2005 Dubai and other emirates responded to intense international pressure cleared the camel-tracks of children, replacing them with robot jockeys.The related article is here
The kids got the freedom, will the camels get freedom??
Video source:-Youtube

Aa Lalu Mamma

Aa Lalu motherhood.It is a wonderful experience of being a mother of two.Have two different memories and has to behave differently with each one of them.One is silent, timid, sombre, calm, innocent,responsible and soft natured and other one is naughty,cranky and much more.Wonder how the elder one survives in this bad world,she learns to climb furniture from her younger sister, who like a P.E. teacher teaches her each step to do.

This time i have been tagged by two lovely ladies IHM and Smitha.The tag is about “what i like best about being about mother”.The tag says i have to write five things I love about being a mother.

The five things i love being a mother is:-

1.Calling me amma,mom,mama,amadu

2.Endless blow of flying kisses she gives me after getting into the school bus every morning

3.Begs me not to cry when i become emotinal, wipes my tears with her tiny hands.

4.They both give me a hug soon after getting up,their eyes are still closed.

5.When i am angry she runs to me before i say anything and says a lolu mama (i love you mama) and all my angry dissolves like a ice cube.

I wanna write more……..

1.Pain of begin operated just vanished after seeing her for the first time.Unshaped head,hairy
face,thin long fingers with long nails,pinkish body wrapped in a cloth and cling ed to me on the bed. When young used to cry a lot for a small cut and now doesn’t mind even if the stitches hurt me.I have taken snaps of her fingers,her legs,her hands,her hair and her face and now i show her this is you, when you were small.She just can’t take out her eyes from those snaps.

2.Motherhood is enjoyed more when by baby gets down from the school bus,hugs and tells me that mama you are looking smart by leaving your hair.And also she gives me compliments i look good in jeans then the Salwars/sarees.

3.You know you are a mother when there is only one piece of cake left,which you have to share with your kids.

4.The sleepless night when she was down with fever.Before kids never missed my sleep,nor got up in between the sleep.But now getting up with slightest movement of hers.She wears anklets on her legs,now i can read the sound of her anklets.I can make out if she is getting up/she is changing her sides/she got down from the bed etc….

5.I have become more responsible and caring then before.Have to be careful in what i am talking,how i am behaving as kids learn from us.

6.My baby tells her father that amma has got lot of house work,today you order biryani and juice for amma,she wont cook today.And everyday morning she says amma you do your work today on holidays i will help you.She just loves to help me.She likes me to bake cake and till the cake is done she doesn’t leave the kitchen.And always tries to lick the batter when i am not there in the kitchen.

7.Used to keep a book in handy to read about the milestones she crossed.Called up mom for very milestone she passed,like her first turn,her first word,her first step etc….And now she sees her little sister crossing those milestones and shouts amma she is crawling,she is walking,she is saying thanku…….

8.Now she is my mom.I don’t know arabic and she learns from the school and she teaches me the letters.I am learning a new language from her.

There is much to write about the both my darlings.I don’t have much expectation nor i want them to be a doctor/engineer/etc ,i only want them to be a good human beings.Sometimes i worry how they will face this bad world alone when they leave our house for good.
I would like Pooja ,ramya and sandhya do this tag,pls let me know when you do it.

btw today she got down from the bus with tears and started crying saying that her teacher didn’t say bye to her:(

My Quotes…….

Since childhood i have a habit of collecting quotes and making a note of it in my dairy given by my father.I don’t remember exactly from when i started collecting,but i have a good number of them written in my dairy.When ever i am down,i read these quotes.Here are some which i like the most :-

“Our happiness and peace of mind lies in our doing what we regard as right and proper not doing what others say or so”.

“Try hard to get what you like OR else you are forced to like what you get”.

“To accomplish great things we must not only act but dream, not only plan but also believe”.

“Never forget that it takes only one person or one idea to change your life forever”.

“Don’t forget that we are ultimately judged by what we give,not by what we get”.

“Be aware of the silent conversation you hold with your self”.

“If someone pelts you with stones,do not quarrel with him, rather try to raise yourself to such a height that the stones cannot reach you”.

“No one is so powerful that he can harm others without harming himself”.

“Worry often gives small things a big shadow”.

“It is useless to tell a river to stop running; the best thing is to learn how to swim in the direction it is flowing”.

“If you want to be successful,display enough courage to welcome failures”.

“Home is a place where,when you have to go there,they have to take you in”.–Robert Frost.

“There is nothing either good or bad.But thinking makes it so”.–Shakespeare

“Nothing dies faster than a new idea in a closed mind”.

“Experience is not what happens to man.It is what a man does with what happens to him”.

“Remember that you can miss a lot of good things in life by having the wrong attitude”.

“Children come through us.They don’t belong to us.

It is not bow to decide where the arrow should go; the bow man knows it,

He decides it.—-Swami Chinmayananda

“The most delightful surprise in life is suddenly recognizing your own worth”.

“Darkest hour is just before the dawn”.

“A prompt thank you is always effective than a two page letter of gratitude sent a week later”.

“Anger is only one letter short of danger”.


I don’t have words to describe how happy i am today when i went to Sandhya’s blog and read the sweet words about me and the award she gave me.This award is meant a lot to me.I am blogging since Dec end and made very good friends in the blog samaj (Dhiren’s words).

Life was quite busy after finishing college.One job after the other was busy for the whole day,go home just to sleep and get back to work the next morning.Mom always used to complain that i am not spending time with her or with the sisters.But used to like the way my life was going.

Once married left the job and joined hubby in muscat.Life was the same,very busy and hectic.Then followed kids.Left the career for the kids and very happy for the move.I am writing all this because i am very happy that i am getting much time for myself and for my hobbies.I love painting,cooking and my new love is blogging.

Blogging was introduced to me by my classmate liju (most of you know him as Philips).I got him through a social network site.We got in touch after 18years of leaving the school.He told me about blogging and i was very regular to his blog,then he gave me an idea to start my own blog.Now its been more than three months and my love for blogging is increasing.When i started my hubby said it will be one of your hobby which you will get bored after some time.But no he is wrong.After a month i started my food blog and have very good friends there.

Thanx a lot sandhya for giving me this lovely award.

Now for the rules:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog.

2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs (Only if you like).

4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

And my award goes to……………………

Liju:-We are childhood friends and classmate from 1st class to 10th class.He opted for science and i opted for commerce and i left my school for my 11th class and he did his 11th and 12th in the same school.We lost touch after that and thanx to Internet got in touch after 18 years.His post are very informative and educative.I never miss his single post.He is just back from vacation.

IHM:- She is a lovely lady who doesnt miss to comment on my blog.She is the first one who commented on my 1st post.I was in tears when i read her comment.She has many followers but she makes it a point to visit all the blogs and leave comments.She is wonderful writer who covers the topics which everyone of us has gone through in our life.Thanx IHM.

Hitchwriter aka Dhiren:His first comment was on my cake post.When i saw his comment immediately hopped to his blog and got addicted to his blog.His post are very honest post.We exchanged gmail ids and used to chat very often.Since few days he is not seen much on gmail,maybe he busy as he is going on a 10 day vacation.

Smitha:- Got first comment from smitha on Cheers to UAE govt,then she was on a vacation.But i read all her post in her absence.Once after back from vacation she started writing as usual.She covers all the relevant topics.One day suddenly i got a mail from her,was so happy.So we both are in touch now.

Chirag:-Everyone of you know chirag and his post.I read all his post and commented only on few.He is very creative in writing and designing the header as well.First i wrote to him for a header for my food blog.He immediately responded and did a beautiful header for my blog,which many of them appreciated.Thanx chirag for the header.

Ramya:-She is my new blogger friend.She writes from her heart.I liked her post on a riddle which was very difficult to crack.And also she writes about her son,who is so sweet and cute.And also i liked her post on golden days about her house and childhood memories.

Indyeah:-I started reading indyeah blog since i started blogging,but never wrote a comment.She has a great command on her writing.Her post on her father made me cry.I cried like a baby when i read her post.Believe me i read it 10 times and even if i read now i will cry.I left a comment on that post and that was my first comment on her blog.I liked the vibrant colours of india on her blog.

I request all of you to accept the award.And also i love to read rakesh,solilo,Krishna kumar,rekha,pooja,maya,ranu and nsiyer.I am getting tempted to change the rules and give the award to all my blog friends.Can i change the rule Sandhya??

I am sorry if i missed anyone:(

Hugs to you all (started by indyeah)

Note:-The hurray pic i took it from liju’s blog,now i have to hop there and let him know that i have taken it.

Pinky’s GiBbErISh

Pinky is going to be 2 years on May 11th.My nephew who is seven years old had named her pinky.My sister calls her a female version of Tarzan.Hubby calls her phelvan,he says her body language is like a boy but i call my darling pinkuda.

Me:You want chocolate?
Pinky: Noods her head and corrects me by repeating cocolate cocolate
Me:You like cocolate?
Pinky:She stares at me and says giveeeeeeeeeeee (impatient brat)

After eating Chocolate
Me:Nice cocolate
Pinky No baladu (Not nice in telugu) She loves them but after eating she says not nice
Me:Not nice?
Pinky:Says with her lips and eyes that is not nice.

When she knows i am angry on her she comes running to me and keeps her both hands around my neck and say lo la lo,u la me (I love you,you love me) wa alo hapu famo (We all are happy family) a kisst form me to lo (A kiss from me to you) Barney sings this song.Barney is her fav,she just hates barbies,if i give her barbie she tries to separate barbies legs and hands and if she is sucessful in doing so then she tries to fix it.

Get up— Gut uppp
Maskali -Madakali,madakali

When i dont give her what she wants, she says bag gril (Bad Girl)

Sharuk khan–Tharuk kan tharuk kan (she recognises him so well, i showed her sharuk khan’s very old serial video, she immediately recognised him)

Pappu Can’t Dance Sala– Pappu dant stala,hey hey…… lifting her both the hands and pointing her finger in the air.

My mom is planning to visit us.Varunavi is very excited that her granny is coming and staying with her.She started planning her trip.She wants to go to airport to receive her and she planned many things for her.Will write about………….