My Little Story Teller — Story 2

Pinkuda told me story today afternoon when i was trying to make her sleep.She hates to sleep in the afternoon so to divert me she told me this story.I wrote about a story she told before,here is the link for Story 1.

Here goes her story….

Once upon a time there were four friends.Rajasthan,Sonia Gandhi,Youmiko and Varu.(Youmiko is a cartoon character and varu is her elder sister).They all went to a park one evening.Park was empty,no kids were there.Then they went to another park.

They played a lot and when it was dark they came back home.While back home they all fell into a pit which has a net.Then they saw one mouse and they all asked the mouse to cut the net.Mouse was very good it bit the net and all of them came up.

They took the mouse and went to Lion tiger’s house.Lion mummy shouted at them why they brought mouse to the house.Then they all told her what happened so lion mummy was happy and gave the mouse a big cheese piece.


(Here lion tiger is husband and lion mummy is me)



Pinks: Nanu (dad) is a Lion king

Me:- Why?

Pinks: Nanu is big,eats more then us and watches cricket.


Once we went to a house warming ceremony.And after coming back pinks wanted a new house.I said i don’t have money to buy one,she said no problem amma i will give you my piggy bank you buy a new house with that.Wish i could buy a house with the kids piggy bank.


Pinks:- Amma i want to climb a cow 😀 😀 😀 😀


I brought Honda activa few days back.Pinks said amma why you brought honda activa you should have brought a bus.In bus we all (myself,varu,pinks,husband,grand mother,cousins and school friends) can go.


These days most of the advertisement target the kids,be it a detergent powder or the shampoo.When ever i take kids to the super markets i end up buying the items of kids choice be it a detergent powder or shampoo or oil.Sometimes even my sanitary towels are also my kids choice,they don’t know what are sanitary towels but the aunty in the tv commercials says it absorbs well and leak proof you buy it amma (varu  said this once)