Moving Back

Gulf has been my home for last 8 years.Of that 8 years i lived in UAE for 6 years.Has got so many memories here.Muscat was my first home after my marriage.After 2 months of my marriage joined hubby in muscat.Lived there for  1 1/2 years and went back to hyderabad as i was expecting my 1st child.Then hubby relocated to dubai and i we joined him here.

I remember when my sister got married my mother and her m-law helped her to start a house,they brought things she required in her kitchen,etc.But for me it was we both who went to shopping the second day i landed here.I made a list of the things i require in the kitchen (same like what mom has in her kitchen).It was totally awesome experience,till then you are dependent on your mother and suddenly you are all alone with a stranger in a new country.Hubby did tried to make me comfortable.Now i get tears to part with all those things.

This is the place where i have seen my kids growing up,my mom visiting us and m-law staying with us and this is where we both have grown from two individuals to a family of four.We learned a bit of  new language which is alien to us ie arabic,both kids sing the UAE national song.I hope they don’t forget the song.

This month end we are going back to India.Have applied for varunavi’s TC,will be getting that shortly.Actually hubby brought the tc  application last week and he is feeling bad to apply for the tc.Varunavi loves her school,friends and her teachers.But she is a smart child when we told her we are going back,she immediately said she is happy to be with her granny.I have been telling pinkuda but she is thinking we are going on a holiday,still she is not that mature enough to understand.When i start packing maybe she will realise that we won’t come back here again.

This was very hard decision to take and we took many days to come at this.This was the reason of me not blogging much and once we decided that we are moving i came out my of somber mood.Now my main aim will be to get the kids adjusted .Varunavi listens to us and she will understand but pinkuda i don’t know what i have to do.My only solace is my mom,she is always there with open arms to embrace us.She was very happy to hear that we are coming back for good.She is giving me tips and suggestions to pack.

I don’t feel like packing inspite of the cargo guy coming here after 2 days.This is my last post and will come back soon.But will be reading you all when ever i get hold of the internet.


A letter from Amma

When i was in muscat amma used to write to me very frequently inspite of having hotmail account.Before leaving India i took her to net cafe and showed her how to mail me and read my mails.Initially she wrote few mails and then switched to letters.Almost every week i used to get mails from her and if i delay writing back to her,she used to call me inquiring if everything is ok.Today when i was cleaning i got a bunch of letters she wrote to me.I want to share what she wrote to me 7 years back.

Dear Saritha,

How are you and Rk ? Please write to me frequently.I am fine here and i am not alone as i am having sweet memories of my daughters,especially my saritha.I am not alone,i am having my life.

Carefully read and understand the following:-

Gita says that we have to work constantly,work with all power to put our whole mind in the work,what ever it be,what ever we are doing.At the same time we must not be attached .That is to say we must not be drawn away from the work by anything else,still we must be able to quit the work when ever we like.So god has given me the strength to do my work with my daughters co-operation.I only did my job but nothing else.

Attachment is the sources of all our pleasures.We are attached with our relationship so we get pleasures from that.At some stage in our life we have to detach ourselves at will.You never left me alone.He/she who is having the power of attaching himself to a thing what ever it maybe with all the energy,has also the power to detach himself when he/she should do.There is as much pain of attachment as that of detachment.

Don’t worry about me please enjoy your life.Don’t do dieting and eat well.

मुझै न भुलाना.



First timer

When i saw smitha’s post on princess cake, i badly  wanted to make one.Brought the required things and as i said in my previous post that no one at home wanted me to bake a birthday.I always bake cakes as varu likes to eat cakes as her breakfast.So i ended up in baking cake almost very week,but my cakes are very simple with the regular ingredients and once a while i change the cake flavour.

I never attempted the frosting the cake but when i got so many inputs and encouragement from smitha i wanted to attempt the frosting on the cake cupcakes.

Few days back brought cakes and bakes book by my fav chef Sanjeev Kapoor.His measurements cannot go wrong,so my cup cakes.They came out very well and before i did frosting one batch was gobbled by all including me.So i baked again and told myself and others not to touch until i do the frosting.

Now please don’t laugh on the design i did on my cupcakes and that too yellow colour (varu’s fav) and i called the grocery guy to send me M&M but that guy has brought me a big size M & M.Anyways the frosting was also very tasty.Frosting recipe i took it from smitha.

More than the cup cakes kids wanted to eat M & M’s

On my 3rd Birthday

Pinkuda will be 3 on 11th may.She gave  list of things she wants on her birthday.

1.Barbie Langa (Combination of indian traditional dress and barbie) I don’t think any manufacture got a idea of making this combination.If he is taking this idea from here,pinkuda has legal writes.

2.A Rain cake.I don’t know what is rain cake,may be she wants a cake shower 😉

3.Bob the builder shoes.– I have been showing her barbie shoes but she wanted the shoes worn by bob the builder,for that i have to check with the construction guys here if they have those shoes with them.

4.She wants loads of balloon,not to decorate the house but to play because it is her birthday.Since last two day she is behind me to fix the balloons with the sticker(read tape) so that she will climb chair to pull them and play with them.


I was showing pinkuda alphabets book and this was the conversation we both had (this conversation was in telugu,i translated it into english) :-

Pinkuda: Pointing to airplane she asked me who will go in this plane?

Me:We all will go.

Pinkuda:Nooo,only varunavi and pinky will go. (she never says me/myself,she just tells her name)

Me:You won’t take me?

Pinkuda: No


Pinkuda:Because your are bad so i will tell you bye bye.


Pinkuda:Amma please lift me

Me: No i can’t, i am having stomach pain

Pinkuda:You have baby in your stomach???

It’s high time i should send her to a nursery.Problem here is nurseries are very far and i am scared to send her in the buses.


Was planning to bake cake on her birthday.Got all the inputs from smitha,literally i was spoon fed by smitha.Showed smitha’s cake to both the daughters in anticipation that they will say amma pls do it.But i was very disappointed varunavi said no amma please don’t bake,dad said he will get a strawberry cake with all the icing and decoration.Inspite of me telling that i am going to learn all that and will do it,they are not ready to accept that amma can do.But i am not dishearten,will definitely bake a cake cupcakes and do the icing as i want to show them that if not a cake i can bake a birthday cup cake.

PS:-The card on my side bar varu made it for her sister which she gave her few days back.

A lie

Till my 10th standard i was known as AP Saritha,A is the family name and P is my dad’s name.All my classmates and my school teachers  know me as ap saritha.But i never liked AP in my name.My classmates used to call me Andhra Pradesh saritha and used to hate been called ap saritha.

Once my 10th class teacher asked me to give my name in bold letters which she is going to send it to 10th board.I gave my name as A Saritha.My teacher insisted on keeping AP but i told her my dad said don’t add P.Which was a big LIE.And i never told all this at home.

When i got my hall ticket for 10th board,i was so happy to see my name as i wanted.But when my dad saw that hall ticket he was shocked to see that P is missing.To cover one lie,i told a lie again and told him my teacher did a mistake.He was very upset that i don’t have his name before mine where as both my sisters had Ap before their names (they changed it to husband’s family name later,which i didn’t do)

But my mom didn’t say anything,she just said don’t ever lie.If you don’t like it,you should have told me and i would have convinced your father.I didn’t feel much as i was happy that what i wanted i got it.

Now varunavi made me realise that i made a mistake of telling a lie.Varunavi name ends with Sai and since she was 1 year old she used to tell her full name.Since few day i am seeing her not telling her full name nor writing her full name.When i asked her why you are not writing she said her classmates teased her for having a long name,so she doesn’t like to add Sai after her name.I didn’t had thoughts of 6 year old when i was 14 years old.She told me and i told a lie.

I really don’t repent of changing my name but i repent for telling a lie.We tell so many lies but this lie i felt i should not have told.I am really sorry nana.I wish he was alive to hear me saying sorry to him.It’s been 13 long years without him………….