Vinayaka Chavathi


I never did Vinayaka chavathi alone and this is my first vinayaka chavathi which i did i alone without the guidance of my mom or my m-law.Last year i was fortunate to celebrate the festival with my mom who did puja and read ganesh story.After coming here to gulf i never got holidays on our festivals and there is no public holidays for our festivals.So i always used to go to work and my m-law who was staying with me used to do puja and in the evening i used to eat the delicacies.Sandhya gave me the sholkas to do the puja and mom told me how to make the delicacies.



My girls

Ganesh is kept in the house for three days and later it is immersed in the water.What we usually do in hyderabad is we used to keep our Ganesh at our colony community hall where there is big ganesh installed and all the  colony members go to hussain sagar lake (tank bund) on the tenth day and do ganesh visarjan there.More info is here

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Questions by a 5 year old

Varunavi became very inquisitive and is always asking questions which sometimes i don’t have answers.The other day i was changing my earrings and this what she asked me:-

Varunavi :- Who gave you this earrings?

Me :- My friends

Varunavi :- Tell me names?

Me : -Shradha,Haritha,Ratan and Ravi.

Varunavi :-  Raviiiiiii,that is a boy’s name

Me :- So

Varunavi :- With a shocked expression and said you took gift from a boy?

Me :- There is nothing wrong in having a boy as a friend and taking gift from him.

After that i was seriously thinking what made her to say that,we never differentiate between a boy or girl,nor we teach her that she should be away from boys,she goes to co-ed school and to my knowledge her best friend is a boy.Maybe she thought mama should not have boy as her friend.

These are few questions she asked me :- 

Why aunties don’t wear while dancing and all uncles wear full clothes?

Why aunties wear fully when swimming and uncles don’t wear much?

Why sun is a boy not girl?

Why we sleep when lights are off ?

Why you don’t give me break for one day ?  This was the question she asked me when i told her summer holidays are going to over get your books  we will revise maths.

Night Zoo At Al Ain

There are two zoos in UAE.One is in dubai and another one is in Al Ain which opens in the evening.One friday we went to dubai zoo but were very disappointed to see all the animals sleeping in there A/C rooms,believe me not even one animal we saw,what we saw there was few birds which were trying to fly in the small enclosure which is dark and unclean.The tempretature in dubai then was around 48 degree celcius.

Kids where really disappointed for not seeing a single animal.I heard of Al Ain zoo and that too we can go there in the evenings.So googled it for more details and went to the zoo last friday.Al Ain in one of the seven emirates of UAE and is also known as garden city.The city is green and no one will believe that this city is in the middle of the desert.

Kids had fun there.Pinkuda got hurt but still she didn’t want to come out from there.This zoo is very big compared to dubai zoo and all the animals were in the open lands with lots of trees and small ponds.The main attraction was the gorilla,poor thing it was sitting alone and thinking why these people have confined me to a small place with lots of trees and small man made pool and a waterfall.I took almost 10 snaps but i didn’t get gorilla in one snap.Pinky doesn’t wants to come from there,she was making sounds so that gorilla sees at her.Gorilla was least bothered it was just sitting and nodding her head as if she is understood what the visitors are talking.On the way varunavi was asking why gorilla don’t have a company,what gorilla is doing alone with a ball beside her and we said zoo people will allow people to play with gorilla so she was asking her dad to take her again to zoo so that she will play with gorilla.

We brought our dream car Camary.First time we went to zoo in the car and pinkuda doesn’t want to come in the car as she says this is not our car,this is uncle’s car and uncle will beat you all.With so much of bride (cocolates,tips (chips)duit (juice))she got into the car.

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Can you believe this zoo is in the desert 🙂

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11-08-09 054  

11-08-09 071

 11-08-09 090I want to drive but its been 3 years i didn’t drive,so a bit tensed. 🙂

My take on ABC….

Smitha has tagged me to write my ABC.Here i am

1. A – Available/Single?

 Ans: When single too much freedom now no freedom

2. B – Best friend?

Ans: My Mom

 3. C – Cake or Pie?

Ans: Cakes and apple pie,now i am getting tempted to do,but can’t 

 4. D – Drink of choice?

Ans: Tea with ginger

 5. E – Essential item you use every day?

Ans: My bindi,finger rings,mobile,laptop etc……….

 6. F – Favourite colour?

Ans: Purple and all light dull colours

 7. G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?

Ans: None.

 8. H – Hometown?

Ans: My  Hyderabad

 9. I – Indulgence?

Ans: Blogging -spending too much time on this,trying hard to stop but not able to do so 

10. J – January or February?

Ans: February 1 (varunavi’s birthday)

 K – Kids & their names?

Ans: Varunavi and pinkuda

12. L – Life is incomplete without?

Ans:The people whom i love and who love me

 13. M – Marriage date?

Ans: March 4th 

 14. N – Number of siblings?

Ans: Two sisters

 15. O – Oranges or Apples?


 16. P – Phobias/Fears ?

 Ans: Scared of dogs and rats.

 17. Q – Quote for today?

 Ans: “Experience is not what happens to man.It is what a man does with what happens to him”.

 18. R – Reason to smile?

Ans: Daughters in particular pinkuda,her body language puts smile on my face.

19. S – Season?

 Ans: Rains – That is the only thing i miss here,miss riding my kinetic honda in rains,the water splash…….

. 20. T – Tag three four People?

 Ans: I skip this as most of you have been tagged

 21. U – Unknown fact about me?

 Ans: Wanted to be a archeologist,but mom didn’t listen to me

 22. V – Vegetable you don’t like ?

Ans: Cabbage,i hate the smell

23. W – Worst habit ?

Ans: Many

 24. X – X-rays you’ve had ?

 Ans: Thrice for ankle and wrist fracture and twice for visas

 25. Y – Your favourite food?

Ans: Everything,i am not a fussy eater.Eat everything which is tasty and spicy.In particularly love biryani and payasam.

 26. Z – Zodiac sign?

 Ans: Pisces

My Nightmare

Yes my nightmare has come true today morning after hubby left to office.I was busy with the morning chores in the kitchen and pinkuda went into the washroom and locked herself.I always get this dream of her going into the washroom,locking herself and playing with the water and worst is that i dream of she bending her head into the potty.Today exactly it happened,she went by herself to the washroom and locked herself.I became totally blank for few minutes and elder one was talking to her.Then i became calm and told her to open the door in a very sweet voice.She didn’t panic at all and was trying to open the door holding the handle.Slowly in a sweet tone  told her to turn the lock and i thank god that she did it after 10 minutes.

Those 10 minutes got so many ideas that i should open the screws of the lock, call the watchmen, carpenter, neighbour, call the emergency number or break the door and also started praying .As i can’t call hubby who is at work and will take atleast 2-3 hours to reach here.Those 10 minutes i will never forgot in my life.

Once out from the washroom i went to hug her but she pushed me aside and went to the balcony door to play.I am still in that shock and not able to come out of it.


This is my update on my previous post about my dieting.I have reduced 3 kgs in 3 weeks time.I am not starving but i have changed my food habits,eating healthy and most importantly doing excersie for atleast 20-30 minutes and sweating out my excess fat.Honestly i am feeling light after i stopped eating sugar,oil,spices and substituting with honey and olive oil.I should thanx solilo and pixie for letting me know about honey and lime water,it made wonders to me.And also i should thank my doctor cousin who gave me a diet plan to follow which i am following religiously and got the result.Thanks to all of you who wrote encouraging comments.


I didn’t realise till today that my last post was my 50th post and in that post i have changed my blog header.This is my 8th month into blogging and i never thought i will continue for so long.First post on my blog was a poem about my father writen my little sister,who is a very good writer.Mostly she writes poems.The post is here. The first person to comment is IHM and it was on 31th december,so what a way to end my year.Do read my sis peom.

Firstly i should thank my schoolmate  liju whom i met after 18years in a social networking site and he is one who introduced me to the blog world.Thanks to all my blog friends  who read and write encouraging comments.I am sorry i have not been updating my blog since long as i am short of time,not able to take out time from the house work and kids.But i make it a point to  read all my favblogs and  comment there.

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