I want to give imitations for my birthday. Pinky meant invitations for her birthday. She has been planning for her birthday since feb. She is 6 years old today and i remember how tiny she was when she was born, she was under weight and always used to sleep. My sister used to tell me your kids wanted you to rest that’s why they sleep off as soon I finish feeding them. Touchwood I never had a trouble with both my kids when they were babies. They made it a point that I sleep well during nights, never used to get up at nights after 3rd month.

 She is the same bubbly girl who does what she wants, very determined with her choices. Her taste and choices are the same. Always prefer pink colour and even if she doesn’t choose pink colour we end up buying only pink for her. She just hates to be called baby and I love teasing her by calling her baby. The moment I call her baby she runs behind me and it is like Jerry running behind Tom…..

 The other day we got a note from her teacher saying that he is finding difficult to tell her to wait for her turn to give answers for his questions. The moment he says some Letter she tries to relate that to India and says a word. For example for M is for Mehendi, D is for Diwali, H is for Holi, A is for Air-India…..

 She loves to be here but sometimes she cries that we all will go back to India. It had been a difficult task for me to separate her from the snow. She just used to lie down on the snow with all those layers of clothes. The winter has been good for her as she is having tonsils and winter didn’t aggravate the tonsils.

 The other day she said I don’t want any toys for my birthday as she got a gift from her friend who said you take this bag and princess crown because you are a princess. 

Happy birthday Pinkuda…….

Edited to add: This is my 200 post and thank you all for reading me and encouraging  me….You all are awesome!!!!!!!!!

You’ll know it’s spring

You hear the bird’s chirping.



You see tender leaves coming on the barren branches.


You see its all green colours which took place of pristine white.

You see flowers blooming from no where.


They are no traces of snow

You see kids playing in the back yard.

You see its all colour full at the public places, train stations, bus stops, shopping malls instead of uniform colour of Black.

When sandals and slippers took the place of high leather boots and snow boots.

You no longer carry bags to carry your winter stuff.

You see kids in frocks and shorts in place of snow pants and jackets.

You don’t take much time to get dressed up.

You see pinky happily running in the house with her slip on.

Food gets defrosts quickly.

You switch on the fan and no longer use the heater.

Sun sets at 8.00 pm

You don’t stock much food in the fridge and prefer eating fresh.

You change your winter car tyres.

You see people on the road using cycles and scooter as mode of transport in place of buses and taxis.

You have to iron your clothes which were hiding in your winter jackets.

You no longer go out with your house clothes which are under your winter jackets.

You no longer need lights till 8.00 pm

You can walk on the road without fear of tripping and breaking your bones.

When most of the outlets sell plants along with the soil.