3 years 3 months

It took 3 years and 3 months to come back to my WordPress to write. My last post was when I was in Hyderabad on vacations.

Many times I thought of writing but something or other came up and most of my free time is spent on crochet. That one obsession I am not going to leaving for sure. My kids say amma we will have a crochet museum in our house.

How come I am here now ? From where I took the time out from my busy schedule (sarcasm)?  Actually I am tired of running. Life has became monotonous. Get up 5:30 am, make breakfast and lunch, wake up kids, get ready and rush to work. There too work work…work till exhausted. Then come back home cook dinner, clean and to bed at 9.00 pm. Next day same to same repeat. Then comes Saturday and Sunday. Then too same but a addition of grocery shopping. Life has become monotonous. I was not forced, it was my choice.

I strongly feel Covid came to this world for a reason. It is telling us people slow down. Stop and look around what have you done to this planet. Stop and look around your surroundings. Look around who share this planet with you. Stop and hear the birds chirping.

I am very fortunate to have an option of working home which I started since last few weeks. So most of my evenings I don’t have anything to do. Hopefully I will come back to my blog.

I forgot my password. Then I had to reset it. Once I am here everything seems to new to me. I had to struggle to find out this page.

Today is done, tomorrow I will read my favorite blogs. Good night.



New year again

For me 1st January is just another day except that I got a holiday on that day. Even at my parents house we never waited till the clock strikes 12:00 to wish everyone happy new year. We slept like every other night on 31st December and wished everyone in the morning.

New year reminds me of addition of one more year to my age.This year I am taking much awaited vacation. I have not taken a vacation since last four years, has been working straight. 

Due to Christmas and holidays work has been very hectic and it’s taking toll on my health. Badly in need of a break.

Last year winter has been very harsh with snow storm and freezing rain. It’s predicted that this year too the same weather continues. So another three months of winter. 

Bye for now and hope you all had a wonderful beginning this year….

Day 11 Just some random thoughts

I can’t believe that I did 10 post every day since last 10 days and 11th one today. Thanks to swaram for thinking of me and getting me do NaBloPoMa.

People should be sent to school to learn road manners. When light turns red, it is a stop for pedestrians. People love to do jaywalking. Their ego doesn’t want to follow the traffic rules. Please people leave your ego at home and stop when you see red stop sign.

It’s been a cold day with morning temperature at 4 degree Celsius. All leaves have fallen and trees are ready to face canadian winter. When I see trees I feel they may too look forward for spring when the leaves come or they just think it’s part of their life. Trees look naked without leaves and ground looks beautiful with fallen yellow colour leaves.

My sunflowers theif squirrel is not seen much, one because no sunflowers are left and two because it’s getting colder and resting in it’s den after the hard work of hoarding the food for the winter. Surprisingly squirrels don’t hibernate in winter unlike other animals in cold regions.

Forget the people who hurt you but don’t forget the hurt.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Cleaning,laundary,cooking and taking kids to swimming lessons. Now I have to include blogging too. Planning to go to library in the evening and also watch a movie. Sometimes I feel I set too many task for myself knowing that it’s impossible to achieve in 24 hrs. Forgot to mention crochet too😎.