Day 24 Few reasons why I like winter

I always crib about winter but I do like winter for few reasons.

First and foremost reason is I can go out in my pyjamas. Yeah you read it right. But the pyjamas are covered with a long thick winter coats and long boots so hardly what I wear inside cannot be seen.

I love to wear scarfs and look forward for winter to wear scarfs.

Not much traffic on the roads as many use public transport to commute.

Can happily wear sweaters to work and don’t have to help husband in ironing his clothes.

Love to watch snow falling and taking pictures of snowflakes.

Edited to add the above picture.


Day 23 The weather network

Come winter the weather network website gets the maximum hits. Checking the weather in this part of the world is so crucial and it’s like a basic necessity. Everything is dependent on the weather. 

First thing in the morning is to check that days weather. And wear accordingly. For different temperature you have to wear different clothing ( got an idea) for another post.

The website The weather network almost gives accurate temperature hourly,weekly and monthly. And if we feed our address it’s tells the school kids how to dress up for winter.

We can sign up to get alerts as text messages on phone. If we go out without checking the website we will freeze. 

When I came to Canada I was confused why everyone are checking the temperature. In India news paper shows today’s temperature and that’s it. Here every hour temperature is checked. Later I realized that winter weather keeps on changing every hourly or every minute.

Our third day in Canada this incident happened. We thought checking temperature was foolish thing to do and we went out without checking. We were wearing light fleece jackets and flip flops. Sun was shining brightly. The moment we stepped out, strong cold wind welcomed us. Still we thought that’s ok. Took few more steps and our feet were frozen. We had to rush inside. Dressed up in layers and then venture out.

From then we check the weather and before going out.

Day 21 One size big

Winter is here. Yesterday evening had blowing snow and temperatures dipped to -12 degrees Celsius. Yesterday evening was spent in taking out all the winter wear. Snow boots which I brought for the girls last year were too tight for them. Was not able to go out to buy them as Sunday outlets close early. Some how kids managed it with normal shoes as not much snow was predicted today. 

Today evening went to buy boots for girls. When we were selecting I over heard a desi parent telling the kid to take a one size bigger so that the kid can wear them next year. I understand that winter is only for 5 months after winter one cannot wear snow boots. 

But the kid will have difficulty in walking in a bigger shoes. It means the kid has to suffer this year so that those snow boots can be wored next year!!! Come on people, just to save 50$ you want your kids to suffer. Just imagine your child walking in those big shoes,falling on the snow and ice. Think of the injuries and pain the kid will go through. And the kid will be mocked at school by other kids.

Live and let others live for that day…

Day 11 Just some random thoughts

I can’t believe that I did 10 post every day since last 10 days and 11th one today. Thanks to swaram for thinking of me and getting me do NaBloPoMa.

People should be sent to school to learn road manners. When light turns red, it is a stop for pedestrians. People love to do jaywalking. Their ego doesn’t want to follow the traffic rules. Please people leave your ego at home and stop when you see red stop sign.

It’s been a cold day with morning temperature at 4 degree Celsius. All leaves have fallen and trees are ready to face canadian winter. When I see trees I feel they may too look forward for spring when the leaves come or they just think it’s part of their life. Trees look naked without leaves and ground looks beautiful with fallen yellow colour leaves.

My sunflowers theif squirrel is not seen much, one because no sunflowers are left and two because it’s getting colder and resting in it’s den after the hard work of hoarding the food for the winter. Surprisingly squirrels don’t hibernate in winter unlike other animals in cold regions.

Forget the people who hurt you but don’t forget the hurt.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Cleaning,laundary,cooking and taking kids to swimming lessons. Now I have to include blogging too. Planning to go to library in the evening and also watch a movie. Sometimes I feel I set too many task for myself knowing that it’s impossible to achieve in 24 hrs. Forgot to mention crochet too😎.