3 years 3 months

It took 3 years and 3 months to come back to my WordPress to write. My last post was when I was in Hyderabad on vacations.

Many times I thought of writing but something or other came up and most of my free time is spent on crochet. That one obsession I am not going to leaving for sure. My kids say amma we will have a crochet museum in our house.

How come I am here now ? From where I took the time out from my busy schedule (sarcasm)?  Actually I am tired of running. Life has became monotonous. Get up 5:30 am, make breakfast and lunch, wake up kids, get ready and rush to work. There too work work…work till exhausted. Then come back home cook dinner, clean and to bed at 9.00 pm. Next day same to same repeat. Then comes Saturday and Sunday. Then too same but a addition of grocery shopping. Life has become monotonous. I was not forced, it was my choice.

I strongly feel Covid came to this world for a reason. It is telling us people slow down. Stop and look around what have you done to this planet. Stop and look around your surroundings. Look around who share this planet with you. Stop and hear the birds chirping.

I am very fortunate to have an option of working home which I started since last few weeks. So most of my evenings I don’t have anything to do. Hopefully I will come back to my blog.

I forgot my password. Then I had to reset it. Once I am here everything seems to new to me. I had to struggle to find out this page.

Today is done, tomorrow I will read my favorite blogs. Good night.



8 thoughts on “3 years 3 months

  1. So glad to read a post from you and to learn you’ve been doing well and pursuing your passion for crocheting ❤

    I completely agree with the thought that this global pandemic is giving us a sign, teaching us a lesson that will be very helpful going forward.

    Stay safe, Saritha and keep writing since you're back ❤

  2. I totally agree with you on the world needing to slow down Sari. 🙂 Hugs!
    I have so much on my mind, but not putting it out. Hopefully someday, I will also get back to blogging, and more importantly, stay at it. 🙂

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