Working from home

I thank my company whole heartedly for allowing me to work from home. I am enjoying my time at home. I hardly went out since three weeks. Only time I went out is to throw garbage and stood few minutes on the porch to listen to birds chirping.

And my heart goes for people who has frontline jobs and they are going to work. I pray for them everyday.

Working from home made me realize how much I miss human interaction . I miss small talks with my colleagues who sit next to me. I miss the meal sharing during lunch time. I miss hi and hellos in the washroom. I miss my chair.

Working from home has a lot of benefits.

1. No need of getting up early.

2. Can have tea slowly with parle g biscuits.

3. Can enjoy the shower.

4. No need of hair dryer.

5.Eat hot desi breakfast,not bread and egg.

6.No lunches to school,so no plastic lunch boxes.

7. Eating hot lunch’s ,no microwave to re-heat food.

8.Car not moving from the driveway, no pollution and saving on gas.

9.Lots of family time. Used to play games with kids once a week now seven days a week.

10.No junk food or restaurant food for dinner.



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