3 years 3 months

It took 3 years and 3 months to come back to my WordPress to write. My last post was when I was in Hyderabad on vacations.

Many times I thought of writing but something or other came up and most of my free time is spent on crochet. That one obsession I am not going to leaving for sure. My kids say amma we will have a crochet museum in our house.

How come I am here now ? From where I took the time out from my busy schedule (sarcasm)?  Actually I am tired of running. Life has became monotonous. Get up 5:30 am, make breakfast and lunch, wake up kids, get ready and rush to work. There too work work…work till exhausted. Then come back home cook dinner, clean and to bed at 9.00 pm. Next day same to same repeat. Then comes Saturday and Sunday. Then too same but a addition of grocery shopping. Life has become monotonous. I was not forced, it was my choice.

I strongly feel Covid came to this world for a reason. It is telling us people slow down. Stop and look around what have you done to this planet. Stop and look around your surroundings. Look around who share this planet with you. Stop and hear the birds chirping.

I am very fortunate to have an option of working home which I started since last few weeks. So most of my evenings I don’t have anything to do. Hopefully I will come back to my blog.

I forgot my password. Then I had to reset it. Once I am here everything seems to new to me. I had to struggle to find out this page.

Today is done, tomorrow I will read my favorite blogs. Good night.



Day 25 Chaos Vs Calm

The calmness in the house kills me.Sometimes when I come home after work, husband takes kids to math classes and house is so calm.

I hate it and feel like going to the math class to bring kids back home. Sometimes I go directly to math classes from work because I don’t want to be in the house without them. I know I am possessive and I am not yet prepared for my kids to leave my nest.

I always prefer a small house where kids are in front me. I always dared to take a big house in which I don’t know where they are until I call them asking where they are. I never give time out to my kids and lock them in their bedrooms. I have been advised that to discipline the child you  have to punish them not to come out of their bedroom for sometime. I will never ever do it.

I want everything to be done in the living room. Reading books,watching TV together,gossiping about friends,sharing secrets….I do give them their space and I too take some time for myself.

Varu was told by her friend that the moment her father comes home , the house has to calm if not her father gets irritated. Your house is made for you and kids. Your house is not complete without your kids. They talk,sing,chatter,fight…it’s like this until they go to bed….

Family that reads,eats,sits,chats,gossips together lives together. That’s my version of Family that’s eat together lives together.

Happy Housewife’s Day

Today Americans celebrate National Housewife’s Day.We in india too will celebrate by wishing all the housewife’s a happy housewife’s day .

The idea behind celebrating this day is to recognise the importance of a homemaker/house wife.This is to remind all that a housewife doesn’t sit idle in front of tv watching serials etc, but it is to recognise that it is the women who instills the good values in her children,it’s the women who sees that men in the house go to office on time,it’s the women who works 24/7 without being paid,it’s the women who sees that her kids do well in the school,it’s the women who cleans the house,it’s the women…… the list is endless…….

For me being a housewife is a full-time job,i have blogged  here about my day before,nothing has changed much but my responsibilities as a house wife increased further.

Picture courtesy:Google images

PS:Read an article about National housewife’s day in America and thought of wishing all the housewife’s….