My Little Story Teller — Story 2

Pinkuda told me story today afternoon when i was trying to make her sleep.She hates to sleep in the afternoon so to divert me she told me this story.I wrote about a story she told before,here is the link for Story 1.

Here goes her story….

Once upon a time there were four friends.Rajasthan,Sonia Gandhi,Youmiko and Varu.(Youmiko is a cartoon character and varu is her elder sister).They all went to a park one evening.Park was empty,no kids were there.Then they went to another park.

They played a lot and when it was dark they came back home.While back home they all fell into a pit which has a net.Then they saw one mouse and they all asked the mouse to cut the net.Mouse was very good it bit the net and all of them came up.

They took the mouse and went to Lion tiger’s house.Lion mummy shouted at them why they brought mouse to the house.Then they all told her what happened so lion mummy was happy and gave the mouse a big cheese piece.


(Here lion tiger is husband and lion mummy is me)



Yummy Juice…

Recipe courtesy :- Pinkuda

What are the things required to make the juice

  • Clean your hands
  • A big bowl
  • Small Watermelon
Take watermelon pulp in a big bowl.
Mash it with hands for 20-30 minutes
Strain it in a glass and don’t drink 😀 😀 😀 😀
Pinkuda didn’t give the juice to anyone…

My Little Story Teller

Every night I tell a story to both the kids before going to sleep.Today pinkuda said she will tell me a story.The story goes like this

My teacher Megha mama brought mangoes.*Pause*

She took one bite and there was a one big worm. *Pause*

She put that worm on her shoulder. *Pause*

And that worm became a big snake and bit her on her cheek. *Pause*

She was in the hospital for 10 days.

And she came back to school with one big scar.

ME:- Your teacher told you this story?

Pinkuda:No,its my own story but I saw scar on teacher’s cheek.

Guess this……

This is the cake baked by the same baker about whom i mentioned in my previous post.Can anyone guess  the picture on the cake???

Eddited to add:- This was supposed to be a spiderman cake,which my sister got it baked for my nephew on his birthday on 4th feb by the same baker who baked barbie cake.

Now this is my last post on cakes,won’t bore you all with the cakes any more 😀 😀 😀


Think before coming to City of Pearls

Dear Visitor to my city

Maybe i am rude to say that before coming to city of pearls ie Hyderabad (also known as cyberabad) think.If you have close friends,relative or acquaintance who will take you around the city in their own transport then you come and have a good time here.But if you don’t know anyone here you will be taken for ride by our beloved auto rickshaw walas.

They don’t charge you for the meter cause they hardly use the meter.They hate to use the meter which is tampered,if you don’t agree for the amount they ask you to pay,you have to talk to 10-15 autos.Even after getting an auto who uses the meter you end up paying 3 times more than the actual fare.

Now latest it that they have gone for a bandh (which has become so common to force the govt to accept their demands) for a hike in the minimum fare from Rs.12/- to Rs.14/-.Government agreed to their demands.Now when ever you agree to go by auto using the tampered meter then the auto walla will remove a card and checks the amount of the fare and you have to pay more than Rs.20-30 more than the actual tampered auto fare.

Don’t say no one has told you about the auto wallas of hyderabad.Any one from Hyderabad will echo the same.

Still if  you have decided to come to hyd,wait till the Sri Krishna Committee report on separate telangana state which will be submitted any time before 31st december.If it is for separate telangana or unified Andhra Pradesh there will be chaos in the city.If at all you have planned to come before 31st december 2010 then also you will find the city in big chaos as opposition party leader and ex-cm of Andhra Mr.Chandrababu Naidu is fasting unto death to meet his demands for increasing ex-gratia to the farmers.It is 7 days now and he is refusing to eat and govt is refusing to accept his demands and if something goes wrong then can’t predict what will happen in the state.

Otherwise you are welcome to the Hyderabad.It is a wonderful place to live.

All the best for your plans and regards

Telugu Homemaker 🙂

PS:-Lifted the idea of writing a letter from deeps without her permission.

Edited to add:- Mr.Chandra babu naidu was forced to stop his fast and he is back home now. 😀

Pinkuda speaks……

Pinky:Amma why buffalo do potty on the roads??


Pinky :Sweaters shops will have sweaters

Laptop shops will have laptops

Switch shops will have switch.

Sweets shops will have sweets

Dresses shops will have dresses.

Bed shops will have beds

Hands shops will have hands

Me:what hands shop?

Pinky:-Ayyo amma hands shop is sai baba’s shop.

Me:-Where is this shop?

Pinky:-In the skyyyy.


Pinky :-What sun gives us?


Pinky :- What moon gives us?

Me:- I don’t know 😦

Pinky:-Moon gives us chapati,chocolates,ice cream,biscuits,cakes……..