Day 11 Just some random thoughts

I can’t believe that I did 10 post every day since last 10 days and 11th one today. Thanks to swaram for thinking of me and getting me do NaBloPoMa.

People should be sent to school to learn road manners. When light turns red, it is a stop for pedestrians. People love to do jaywalking. Their ego doesn’t want to follow the traffic rules. Please people leave your ego at home and stop when you see red stop sign.

It’s been a cold day with morning temperature at 4 degree Celsius. All leaves have fallen and trees are ready to face canadian winter. When I see trees I feel they may too look forward for spring when the leaves come or they just think it’s part of their life. Trees look naked without leaves and ground looks beautiful with fallen yellow colour leaves.

My sunflowers theif squirrel is not seen much, one because no sunflowers are left and two because it’s getting colder and resting in it’s den after the hard work of hoarding the food for the winter. Surprisingly squirrels don’t hibernate in winter unlike other animals in cold regions.

Forget the people who hurt you but don’t forget the hurt.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Cleaning,laundary,cooking and taking kids to swimming lessons. Now I have to include blogging too. Planning to go to library in the evening and also watch a movie. Sometimes I feel I set too many task for myself knowing that it’s impossible to achieve in 24 hrs. Forgot to mention crochet too😎.


17 thoughts on “Day 11 Just some random thoughts

  1. True, I can’t imagine I blogged for 11 posts and that too within a hectic schedule. I think more than blogging it is the cozy group that makes me post for some reason. Your squirrel reminds me of that poem ant and the cricket, Sari, the one where the ant works to keep away food for winter when the cricket happily sings along .. Just came from deeps’ and there she was talking about a tree in full bloom, here at your end they are waiting for winter .. 😊😊

    1. And also it’s like digging your brain to get all subjects stored in our brain and come up with a post.
      Sometimes it’s depressing to see the tree without leaves but it makes you realize that every good beginning has a end. And every end has a new beginning.

  2. You have a busy weekend ahead of you! Same here. I have even brought back some work from work. So that needs doing as well. I don’t know how I’ve managed to Post everyday so far. The last two days were very close to the wire. I’m hoping to carve out some time this weekend to prep and schedule posts. But that might just become a ‘nice to have’ and get descoped from my list of critical activities:)
    Squirrels drive me crazy. They dig up my pots all the time. My gardener planted some tulip bulbs and the next day, I find that squirrels have been at them. Everything’s been dug up and there mud and bulbs all over. Sigh. Got to get some netting.

    1. Yeah, it’s like we are feeding squirrels. Initially I was very upset then I thought that’s the squirrel way to survive.
      Hope you take out time to schedule your post, I am also thinking of doing it.

  3. People should not only be sent to school to learn road manners, they should also be given imposition! 😀
    I love squirrels 😀 The thought of that little one resting after a day’s hard work to too cute!
    And yup – cannot believe I’ve posted one every day as well 😀
    Have a happy (though busy) weekend!

  4. Blogging every day is challenging. But it’s good to come out of our comfort zones. Hate people who have no respect from traffic rules.Wow! You pack quite a lot in your day! Impressive! Have a great weekend, Saritha!

  5. Oh! I thought ppl follow rules better there…
    I know Sari…11 posts and going good for all of us…thanks to Swaru and am super glad that no cloud posts as she suggested..he he…
    Squirrel come over…Sari is missing you 😉

    1. No uma you get to see here too.Jaywalking is dangerous to the pedestrian but also to the vehicles. People should have some sense.

      Squirrel will come in spring only uma, it’s been a while I didn’t see squirrel 😣

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