Grilled Vegetable Tikki

Last thursday myself and kids went to weekly vegetable market near my house to buy veggies of kids choice.Varu hardly eats any veggies but was happy to make a list of veggies she wants.The list goes like this 1.Carrot 2.Cauliflower 3.Potato 4.Pop corn 5.Samosa (pop corn and samosa are veggies for her) 😛 😛 😛

After coming back i told them i will make vegetable tikkis for them for which they readily agreed.When they were busy with the pop corn i made the vegatable tikkis/cutlets.Usually they are shallow fried but i made a more healthy version of it by grilling them.Ever since i saw this post at Bikram’s blog,wanted to use my grill which i didn’t use after coming back to india.

The recipe is for smitha and this post is dedicated to my Dear Husband who loves everything which is not veg 👿 .He is forced to eat veg for a month now and he is just hating it 😆 😆 :lol:.In kabab and tikkas his list goes like this Shammi kabab,Sheek kabab,Shikampuri kabab,Gauloti kabab,Kheem cutlets,Chicken tikka,Fish cutlets so on and so forth.So dear husband it is good to be a vegetarian atleast for a month.Enjoy what you eat……..

Here goes the recipe

What are required

Cauliflower 4-5 florets

Potatoes 4 medium-sized

Carrot 3

Green peas 1/2 cup

French beans 5-6

Any other veggies of your choice

Green chutney 2 tbsp

Oats 1/2 cup

Salt as per taste

Oil 3 tbsp

For green chutney

Mint leaves 2 cups

Coriander leaves 1 cup

Amchur powder 2 tbsp

Green chillies 3-4

Cumin seeds roasted 1 tbsp

Grind all the above ingredients for green chutney.Green chutney can be stored for long in fridge

Now how to do the tikkis/cutlets

Boil all the veggies and drain water.

Dry roast oats and cool it.

Mix all the veggies,oats,green chutney and salt.

Heat the grill and brush it with oil.Make small patties and place them on the grill.

My grill is powered by electricity so the tikkis were done quite quickly.So the grilling time depends on the type of grill used.Once they are browned on both sides,sprinkle chat masala and serve hot.

This can be served with green chutney mixed with curd.


24 thoughts on “Grilled Vegetable Tikki

  1. As though the food blog is not enuf to tempt us poor souls, here is a food recipe here….Sari….am all hungry now…. 😛 😛 Using oats is a good option….must try it next time. 🙂

  2. That looks totally yum, Sari! I am going to make this today !

    Thanks so much for posting the recipe. I am so excited about making this 🙂

    Thanks smitha,do try it

  3. I take about two hours(!!) to cook rasam (charu in telugu). I take half an hour more to cook rice, half an hour to wash utensils, half an hour to eat and then a couple of hours to rest and sleep. Yeah, you guessed it right – I have stopped cooking 😛

    Wow 2 hrs to cook rasam?? Its always better to eat out then spend so much on the gas…..

    Destination Infinity

    1. Yeah, that particular method of preparing rasam was taught to me by my house owners in bangalore. I suspect they took their revenge for something else 🙂 Later on, when I came to coimbatore, this house owner taught me another method to make rasam which saved me time – I now make it within 1.5 hours 😛

      U should have been my neighbour i would have taught u to make rasam in 15 minutes.

      Don’t even talk about Gas. I buy the small 2 Kg cylinders and used to change it once in 1 or 1.5 weeks. The shop owner saw this and sold one standby cylinder to me!! Once I calculated how much i spend in cooking vis-a-vis eating outside. As you have suggested, eating outside won hands down! It saved both money and more importantly time 🙂 I didn’t like the outside food in bangalore, but in coimbatore i just love the outside food 🙂

      If you get food of your choice and the food is good then it is better to eat out then spend time,energy and money in cooking.

      Destination Infinity

  4. I love tikki’s … wow they look so delicous here … living in a pg without private kitchen is tough… will try my hands once I go home 😀
    thanks for sharing the recipe

    Glad u liked it,do let me know how they came….

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