Its been more than 15 days i posted in my both blogs nor commented in any blogs (few blogs i read but didn’t had time to comment).I just don’t know how the other bloggers are managing their time reading and posting regularly in there blogs.Maybe facebook is also the culprit.I log into my fb from my mobile and don’t open my laptop at all.

Since last few days maid is not coming and i had to do all the work at home,drop and pick the kids from school.I got an additional work of filling water everyday morning and evening.Filling water is such a headache in the summer (yes we got summer much before everyone).Our ground water level is reducing and we have just one hour water supply in the morning and evening.Ah never faced such problem before.And heights is that this water is not used for drinking and the drinking water i get weekly once.So i have to be very careful with the drinking water.

My house is in second floor and i get water only when the ground floor and the first floor people leave water for me.But people here are so selfish they brought big tanks and got it fixed in the bathrooms and everyday i am tensed  and wait for them to leave water so that i fill my buckets.This has became a big headache for me,sometimes i want to take the kids and run away from here and come back after summer.

Yesterday match between india and Aussie was wonderful.Hope we continue the winning spree and win against Pakistan.And i am sure all cities and villages in India and Pakistan will have self imposed curfew,virtually nothing will be done during the match.

14 thoughts on “Hufffff

  1. 🙂 main nahin aye and all things go haywire .. hmmmmmmmmm and here we have to do all the work outselves 🙂

    In dubai i didnt had maid but there i didn’t had much work to do,here the addition of filling water is making me mad 😦

    and yes match was excellent finally india played like a match winners thank god and now Mohali here we come hopefully we shud win that game tooo 🙂

    hmm filling of water but summers have jsut started what you gonna do in june july .. Maybe have a big tabk and keep it filled up I guess

    Even if i get big tank,i won’t get that much water to fill it,cause my neighbours won’t leave any water for me…

    All the best and take care ..

    Thanks bikram

  2. Hey Saritha… Welcome back….. It’s sad to know that you have to face these problems…. A lot of people complain about their water supply. I guess this issue is widespread.Hope it will be sorted out soon.

    It won’t be sorted in the coming summer,it will be sorted only when people stop their selfish acts and act sensibly

    Btw, I liked the new look of your blog 🙂


  3. I remember one summer when we had to draw water from the wells, because there was not enough water for the motor to pull up! It can become that bad in summers in Chennai! But after rainwater harvesting has become mandatory, the ground water situation has become better, I heard. I think they should make rain water harvesting mandatory in all cities.

    In my area water problem is the most common compared to other parts of the city.Yeah rain water harvesting is the best option but here people are busy with telangana issue than anything else.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Glad to see you back to blogging again 😛
    I can imagine the tough time you are facing due to water crisis in your area 😦
    I hope things get better for you soon 😀
    The match was a thorough entertainer, enjoyed every minute of it 😀 😀

    The water problem will be there till june/july until we get enough ground water.Yeah me too enjoyed the game and hope we will the match with pakistan….

  5. Ouch! The water issue sounds really bad….
    In my place water comes at specific timings…and thats a problem when I am travelling at odd hours and have to get ready…or come home late after work…

    I had to adjust my time of going out and sometimes i have to rush home to fill the water.

    Same issue…keeping them stored in the buckets….which is a pain becoz u have to make sure there’s enuff left in it till the water supply comes back 😐 sigh…

    Yeah and i have to always keep a eye on kids so that they don’t waste the water….

  6. sorry to know about it.
    fix the tule pump or get direct line or register to society chairman, bulid stroage tank inside home or purchase 100 Litre tank.
    yes i agree selfish

    I planned to get a tank similar to my neighbours but the thing is that now summer is approaching and gound water level is reducing.So what water we get these people store it in the tanks in their houses and very little water is left for us which can’t fill my tank

  7. Oh dear, water problem began ??? Hey, take care of urself !!!

    Yeah we got summer much before actual summer…..

    Find another person to help u out….

    Trying to get another person but not finding….

  8. I had faced water problem in my previous house during summer. We had to get up early to switch on the pumb…early morning means, before other people switch on their motor to draw water from the well! In one house, like you are facing now, we had to wait for the ground floor people to have most of the water first and then they used to close their taps for us to get the water and my children were very small then!

    I feel sick of waiting for the water everyday morning 😦

    Servantless days are horrible…we have to wash vessel, the whole day!

    Yeah and kids too add more vessels by playing with them…..

    Match day, esp. India vs Pakistan means, deserted roads and at home I must keep on feeding my husband and son when they watch the match!

    Good they get to eat varieties of snacks on the match day…

    Keep posting, Saritha!

    Sure Sandhya

  9. Welcomeeeee Sari 😀 😀 😀

    Sigh! Hw selfish of them 😦 Filling water like that is so difficult. Hugs Sari!

    Thanks swaram and you forgot about your WP 😉

  10. ohh the water problem is horrifying… i can understand how difficult it must be to manage …
    yeah hope India continues the winning streak 🙂

    Wishing them all the best to win the big match before the World cup finals 🙂

  11. Filling water is the most irritating job in metro cities I guess…. water will come on particular time and if we are not there we lost it.. 😦

    Has to rush home to fill the water when we go out and sometimes has to adjust my work outside based on the water timings

    Match is awesome.. waiting for 30th akka 🙂 🙂

    Me too

  12. hugs… water problems!! 😦
    Find some help Sari.. else, it will get tougher with the summer sun becoming hotter…

    Yeah pixie i have to find out a help soon as kids summer vacation starts from april 15th and house will be a big mess….

    and yea, the cricket match was super awesome!! 😀


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