13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday–26

  1. Wow! does that sweet parrot predict future too?? 😀 😀
    P.S- Love the header shot 😀 😀

    Parrot man told about husband’s past and future,I don’t believe what he said but what ever he told about the past was almost right.

  2. nice header! 🙂

    and nice pic…but, I do have an issue with the parrots being kept in captivity…

    Me too don’t like it and since last few years they are not seen much….

  3. Will the parrot predict today’s match’s outcoming ??? Then u’ll be the richest Sari. 😉 🙂

    It predicted the outcome uma but didn’t get anything but it predicted that i will get something after India wins World cup finals 😉

  4. SO that does the Mr. Parrot Predict… 🙂 India has won the toss and is batting fingers crossed 🙂

    It predicted that we will win the finals….

  5. We used to see such predictive parrots before about a decade – but not any more. Its like suddenly, parrots have lost their prediction powers 🙂

    They are not seen much in the cities,i went to vijayawada few days back and saw this guy telling about the future using parrot,just for fun we told him to tell about husband past and future.The charges too increased,he took Rs.50/-.

    Destination Infinity

  6. The parrot is very cute 🙂 Who’s is it?

    Yeah it is,parrot belongs to a person who tells about the past and predicts the future.That guy makes a living by telling the future.

  7. Roadside parrot? The picture is very nice. It looks as if the parrot is taking cue from the newspapers about the match!

    Yes Sandhya.Thanks and good observation….

    I love your header more!


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