Pinks: Nanu (dad) is a Lion king

Me:- Why?

Pinks: Nanu is big,eats more then us and watches cricket.


Once we went to a house warming ceremony.And after coming back pinks wanted a new house.I said i don’t have money to buy one,she said no problem amma i will give you my piggy bank you buy a new house with that.Wish i could buy a house with the kids piggy bank.


Pinks:- Amma i want to climb a cow 😀 😀 😀 😀


I brought Honda activa few days back.Pinks said amma why you brought honda activa you should have brought a bus.In bus we all (myself,varu,pinks,husband,grand mother,cousins and school friends) can go.


These days most of the advertisement target the kids,be it a detergent powder or the shampoo.When ever i take kids to the super markets i end up buying the items of kids choice be it a detergent powder or shampoo or oil.Sometimes even my sanitary towels are also my kids choice,they don’t know what are sanitary towels but the aunty in the tv commercials says it absorbs well and leak proof you buy it amma (varu  said this once)

17 thoughts on “Pinks….

  1. See the injustice – When we were kids, there was only DD and those boring ads. But now, they have so many channels (esp. kiddy ones) and so many interesting ads. We never had a chance to get influenced! And who’s going to be the bus driver? You? 🙂

    Those days were good DI,we never used to glued to tv,there was so much play time for us where as when ever kids get free time they are infront of tv,no playing out at all…

    You guessed it right i am the driver….:D 😀 😀

    Destination Infinity

  2. Pinky is so cute!! I loved her bus idea:) Such a smart idea:)

    It would be great, na, if we could buy a house with money in a piggy bank:)

    Yeah i would have brought two houses with two piggy banks of the both the kids…:D 😀

  3. LOL!!! you should buy bus akka 🙂 Maybe I can also join you all 🙂

    Ok thambi i will buy and will give you a ride when you are here…

    advertisement is so true.. every ad has kids 🙂

    Many ads target kids because they influence the purchasing power of a household.

  4. House with kiddy bank money? What an imagination! God bless her!

    Today she said i am lion amma because nanu (dad) is lion king and you lion amma (mother).

    Bus is a very good idea. She is so innocent! Hmmm my children are grown ups now…miss those days when they were kids like yours!

    She felt bad that we left my mother as she can’t fit on kinetic activa,so if we have bus we can take everyone with us without leaving anyone.

  5. So cute and innocent ! Ads do influence them and we mothers are the victims …lol .Happy new year Saritha and loads of love to pinkuda and varu and oh yes ,namaste to Lion King .

    You said it right we mothers are forced to buy what kids see on tv.

    Thanks for wishes and wish you the same from all of us and from Lion king too.

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