My friend is back….

I thought I will not see my friend till spring. But husband pointed me to my friend saying my friend is back.

I had a bucket of atta which I have not used for few months and I didn’t want to use it. So I kept the bucket in my backyard so I dispose it when we have organic waste disposal day. With the wind the lid flew away and my friend got its food.

First thing in the morning husband spotted my friend. Photo opportunity for me. It did posed for the picture and went to bring her friends. 


Our First Winter here…

Winter is slowly setting in. The temperature now is 0 degrees Celsius and we are not used to these kind of weather,the winter maximum we have in Hyderabad is around 15 degrees Celsius.Today morning when we ventured out we were surprised to see snow on the roads.Kids had a good time on their way to school.The snow was not that much and by afternoon all snow melted and roads were clear.Here weather is so un-predictable and your are caught unaware if you think it is sunny and you end up shivering.So it is always better to go fully dressed.

Pink just hates to get dressed up that too with 3-4 t-shirts,2 pants,heavy winter jacket and snow boots.Varu is quite comfortable with the dressing and she is loving it.

Inside the house we don’t  feel the cold,it is quite similar to Dubai where it is not hot indoors.There are A/C’s ,here heaters.But heaters too has dis-advantages as they make skin very dry.So tons and tons of body lotion are rubbed on the bodies.

I created a new blog by name My New Adopted Home,it has only pictures..Do check the link here