I Am Back….

I am back after 10 days and i am feeling as if its been ages i didn’t do blogging.Past ten days was very hectic and emotional.First it all started with the elder kid’s fever,then followed by younger one and next it was my turn to get sore eyes.Some how managed to read few post and wrote comments.

I said emotional because mom left to hyderabad yesterday.She wanted us to come back and settle in hyderabad,which i don’t think is possible in this situation.She went to an extent that she will support me till we get a decent job.I appreciate her confidence on us that we both will get a job there.She is speaking from her heart not from the head.It is not wise to leave everything here and start newly there.Many of my friends back home have lost their jobs and one friend who is software engineer lost his job and he is frustrated to an extent that he is ready to take a telle caller job.

My house is empty without her.Felt as if she was here only few days.She came to my resuce when we all were sick.Did everything for us,from cleaning to cooking to washing.She reached hyderabad yesterday and called us many times and ordering us to come for a holiday in August,i am not sure of it.

Will take few more days to come back fully, till then Ma as-salaamah/Selavu

22 thoughts on “I Am Back….

  1. good to see u back in the blogosphere saritha..
    Hope u get to go for the holiday in august.. take care.

  2. Saritha – So glad that you are back! Hope all of you are better now!

    I can imagine how you must be feeling.. The house must be feeling sad and empty.. You know, mothers are always lifesavers.. They are always there to help in anyway they can..

    As for going back, it is a decision that you and your husband need to make together. And probably now, with the recession, it might not be the best time to change jobs and stuff..

    Take care and lots of Hugzzzz !

  3. @Smitha thanx both of them have recovered,i still have got sore eye.

    House is empty without her,morning pinky got up and searched for.

    It is very tough decision to make now,mom is very emotional,she wants us to be in hyderabad so that we will be with everyone there.She just hates this place.

  4. I was also very much worried when aunty was leaving,….i can understand her feelings…you were sick and leaving u at this time….she will b constantly thinking about u people only…things are like that in job market yaar….it is better to stick to the hell work….

  5. Aww… welcome back… i can imagine what you must be feeling right now.. i know its tough staying away from everyone.. esp with the economy in such a bad state, you would definitely not want to take any chances. don’t worry something will be worked out..

  6. @Lubna yes she went with a heavy heart and cursing dubai govt for not extending her visa even for a day.The moment she landed, she gave a call and after that she called many times.
    That’s what i told her it is not possible to leave job and try to settle in hyd

  7. @Rohini we are quite comfortable here,my mom wants us to be near her so that my kids will grow with aunties,uncles,grannies and cousins.Here we dont have anyone and once in a year is not enough to know the cousins and other relative.
    Lets keep our finger crossed for the day to come when we go back and stay in our house in hyderabad.

  8. I can feel your feelings, Saritha. Yes, mothers are mothers always. So she was a godsend. Otherwise it would have been tough for you to manage housework and the sick children.

    She will be OK after some days…she must have felt bad seeing you struggling alone here without much help. As you said, some decisions should be made with the head.

    Divert your attentions to something else which will make you happy. You will be alright in a couple of days and back to blogging. So many people are missing you here, including me. Goodluck, Saritha.

  9. That would have been so painful can understand it.This is not the time to leave everything and search for a job in hyd.Job Market is horrible saritha..Wish you have a vacation soon and meet your mom..

  10. Welcome back Saritha… good to see you back.. 🙂 I think the little kids were fine now.. take care and get well soon… 🙂 mothers never want their kids to suffer… take a wise decision Saritha… all the best 🙂

  11. @Sandhya after reading ur comment i felt it is my mom who wrote the comment,u r sweet 🙂

    She is feeling bad that she left us now but can’t do anything,visa cannot be extended.Had it been in india,she would have extended her stay for another month or so…

    Even i missed ur post,want to read ur pending tags 🙂

  12. This post is quite emotional and explains that you need some more time to recover.

    Wishing you and your family good health and hapiness.

  13. Saritha, Good to see you back. I can imagine how you feel because I go through the same when leaving India or hen parents leave from here.

    But then responsibilities keep you busy.

    Take care.

  14. Welcome back:))
    mothers are so precious na?:)
    it will take time to get used to seeing the house without her *sigh*


  15. cheer up gal,hope you are okay noe sorry for the delay in my comments these days my Son is not letting me sit near lappy.

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