Here again…….

Here i am again with old memories,but this time it is old doordarshan ad which most of us were glued to TV to watch this ads without missing a bit………

Bajaj Chetak – Best scooter ever.If i am not wrong the chetak has to be booked in advance.


22 thoughts on “Here again…….

  1. Oh these are timeless. aren’t they? They so much part of our growing up 🙂 Lovely collection, you have made, Saritha! Its so nice to see it all again 🙂

  2. wow!
    the doordarsahna era was great..
    the days when we used to see kroor singh in chandrakantha and the shaktimaan.. good collection of ads 🙂

  3. I like the liril one…

    did you ask why ??? hyuk hyuk…. he he h e…

    I love the cadbury ads too !! they are always classic… !! and surf is another one that is classical !! old is gold… !! lovely ads.. !

    thanks for brushing hte memory !

  4. I love all the ads here:)))
    and specially the nescafe one and the bajaj one:))
    have you seen the new one by Bajaj

    thanks for another nostalgic trip Saritha:))

    great that you are back with a new post

  5. I loved ‘hamara bajaj’. The best was ‘ericson’ ad., I feel. The background music, the expression of the characters, huh, THE BEST.

    As usual you are selecting ‘old is gold’ collection, Saritha. Thanks for reminding us of them.

  6. Nice Post Varunavi…u got me all nostalgic….growing up with these ads, in the era of Doordarshan…the Chitrahaar tune, the tune for News……enjoyed viewing them..Thanx.

  7. Every ad is a favourite which make us to travel back and relive those DD-1 moments 🙂

    I love ‘mile sur mere tumara’ song much 🙂

  8. I had written a long comment, as soon as I saw your post. Same thing with Manju’s blog and Shilpa’s. My PC is too slow or something something is wrong. I don’t see them at all.

    We used to quote Lalithaji’s dialogue often – surf ki khareedaari me samajdaari hai. All are famous ads, Saritha.

  9. I used to love the old Lalita jee ad!
    These ads have become as much a part of our memories as old songs and movies!

    And even older ad from old magazine clippings in my mum’s collection, (must have been seventees or earlier) was “Woh do jo meri ssanson mein base hain, ek tum aur ek Binaca toothpaste..”
    (The two who are in my every breath, one is you and the other is Binaca toothpaste)
    🙂 These ad guys can be so creative!

  10. The Nescafe song is fantabulous. I almost forgot about that ad.

    In these days when a film actress or public in general makes a big hoo haa about wearing a bikini, we had a woman on national TV in a bikini advertising a soap. Looks like our morals are actually regressing these days.

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