Best of Amul ads

Since childhood i used to like amul ads.Few days back i was browsing amul ads went to their website and there they have all the ads which they made since the year 1976.I was not able to choose which was the best ads.Here i am posting some of the ads which i liked but not necessarily best as it is very difficult to select the best of amul ads.

Unrest in Libya
Indian cricketer's outstanding performance in the current World Cup
World cup

Only Sachin

The oldest amul ad (1976)
Hike in vegetable prices
Jasmin revolution
When Saina won the gold

When Laxman was awarded


All images are from Amul website

Here again…….

Here i am again with old memories,but this time it is old doordarshan ad which most of us were glued to TV to watch this ads without missing a bit………

Bajaj Chetak – Best scooter ever.If i am not wrong the chetak has to be booked in advance.

SEQUEL of Previous post (Doordarshan)

Now i am spending more time in watching the old doordarshan videos.This is my second post on these beautiful videos,the first is here.When i am watching these videos i am feeling as if i am seeing old family albums.

Life was so simple and pure.Not much wants.Just be on time in front of the T.V not to miss even the film certificate and we kids used to search for the no of reels and the date of the cinema.

This is a very old educational documentary film which used to come in Doordrshan.

This video will definitely takes you to Childhood

This is probably the only video of yesteryears sports heroes.

Baje sargam

Vikram Aur Betal…

Memories of tension-free childhood…used to wait soo eagerly for sunday mornings 🙂

A Wonderful Video…Came to know about all lanugages of our country.

We were a generation of so much innocence and simplicty, just like this song.I wish i go back to those days………….

I thank all the people who have uploaded these videos and brought my childhood back.I became same kid sitting in front of my sears TV in those doordarshan days.Doordarshan had bonded all of us with common memories.Thanks a tonn.. 🙂
Will come back again with more post like this.