My Take On Four — A Tag

Sai of Beyond Barriers has tagged me to do this.Here is my take on four.

Four Movies You Can See Over and Over:

Tara Zamen Par

Na Autograph (telugu) 



Four Places You Have Lived:

Hyderabad (my heart)

Muscat (Oman)

Dubai (UAE)

Sharjah (UAE)

Four TV Shows You Love(d) to Watch:

Barney and Friends

Tom & Jerry show

Walk the talk (NDTV)

Highway On My Plate (NDTV goodtimes)

Four Places You Have Been on a Vacation:

Vacation is always to hyderabad no where else

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:

Hyderabadi Mutton/chicken biryani


Rava Masala Dosa

Curd rice with banana/mango

Four Websites You Visit Daily:

Deccan Chronical




Four Places You Would Rather Be:

My  home with my mom and my sisters

Sit in my garden having hot tea

Any place where kids can have fun

A place where there is no summers and only rains

Four Novels You Wish You Were Reading for the First Time:

The Guide R.K.Narayan

The story of my experiments with truth M.K.Gandhi

Wings Of Fire A.P.J.Abul Kalam

Tag Four People You Believe Will Respond:

This tag was very easy to do and only this part is difficult to name four people.I am not going to name anyone, who ever wants to do please do it. :)


20 thoughts on “My Take On Four — A Tag

  1. Hi Varunavi,

    Thank you so much for readily agreeing and doing this “Times Four” tag 🙂

    🙂 🙂

    I too love the movie Taare Zameen Par, really a worthy movie to watch again and again.

    Naa Autograph chaala baguntundhi, aa movie naaku kuda ishtame nandi.

    Tom & Jerry show is evergreen kada, even I watch it and it is never boring.

    So, you seem to be missing home a lot and the company of mother and sisters, I hope you get to meet your family pretty soon.

    I planning to go for a vacation

    Hyderabad eppudu osthunnaru ithe?? Hyderabadi Biryani is waiting to be savoured by you and your family 🙂

    “A place where there are no summers and only rains” – Ha ha… this line shows the amount of heat you people are exposed to at your place 🙂

    It is 48 degrees officially declared but it is much more than that.
    Yes, rava dosa, masala dosa – rendu baguntai, like you, even I enjoy eating them 🙂

    Me too 🙂

    Paratha, curd rice kuda baguntai 🙂 Vandi pette vallu unte, kurchoni tinadaaniki anni baagane untai antaara?? Ha ha…

    Naku avaru vandutaru,na vanta nena tintanu

    Wings of Fire is a good book, I love it too.

    Convey my “Hi” to your kids and in return send me their sweet little smiles 🙂

    They also conveyed there hi to u 🙂 🙂

    Wish you Good luck, take care.

    Wish u the same 🙂

    1. Solilo? Is it really you? *stares in disbelief*

      V – she notices dosa and ignores BIRYANI?!!!!!?

      This is blasphemy!!!!! Sacrilege!!!!

      I cant believe you did that 😦

      1. Masood, Pssst…I have a deal for Hyderabadi Biriyani with you. I thought to make one for Masala Dosa with Saritha. 😆

        Don’t worry Biriyani is my all time love.

  2. Never knew of such a tag. Nicely done.


    Na Autograph is the remake of a Tamil movie named Autograph 🙂

    Ops i was under impression that it is a malayalam movie,edited the post 🙂

  3. Saritha, again, your post is not updated in my blog. I just checked your site and here I am.

    I too love ‘Taare zameen par’, ‘guide’. Cheran’s Tamil ‘Autograph’ was good.

    I have visited Hyderabad, just for 3 days, as a tourist. Interesting place.

    Yes lovely place,who ever visit this place once will come back again to live in this place 🙂

    Love ‘Tom & Jerry”. I too have written ‘walk the talk’ as my favourite in my tag!

    Rava dosa is my favourite too. Curd rice should be there as a finishing touch, in my meal, with vadu maangai (Small mango pickle!).

    I liked to read ‘Deccan Chronicle’ when I was in Bangalore.

    Place with only rains….! will be nice to live, after Chennai’s hot climate, but your place must be like a hotplate. Yes, Saritha, a place where our children enjoy, will be the best place for us, as parents.

    Temp here is more than 48 degrees c.

    I have read Gandhi’s book, long long ago. But others, only in bits and pieces! I admire Abdul Kalaam and RK Narayan, a lot, though.

    Good to know you more, Saritha. Had I not come here now, I would have missed this post today. Dirty Google!


  4. only 3 novels there… !! lol…

    Yes only 3 and i love to read those again and again 🙂

    nice to know more… I love sholay tooo !!!!!

    No vacations ?? other than hyderabad !!!

    Used to travel a lot when working in Cipla,now not going any where.Vacation is only for a month so no time to go any where
    what are you doing…. get moving !!!!!!

  5. TZP is one lovely movie .. teaches u something every time!

    yes 🙂

    Highway On My Plate (NDTV goodtimes) – one of my favs too 🙂

    Tom & Jerry – anytime!

    Sit in my garden having hot tea – Bliss 🙂

    A place where there is no summers and only rains – ha ha ha 😛

    Come to Hyd girl 🙂

    Planning to come this month end 🙂

  6. I am back to blogsphere.. have been busy.. catching up with all posts..

    I as well thought that u are busy

    TZP and Na autograph- my favs too..
    i love all the songs in na autograph..

    The best was bhomika’s song on the stage,i just love that song and i always hum that song

    Hyderabad.the city of nawabs.. isnt it wonderful 🙂

    Ya the biryani’s,traffic jams,fly overs etc…. so wonderful 🙂 🙂

  7. Nicely done tag. I feel like taking this up but I already have 6 tags pending right now. So maybe after my backlog is over!

    Thanx masood.Oh ur count is more than mine,i still have 3 tags pending.Take this up,it is very easy to do it.It took just 15-20 minutes to do it.

    Absolutely LOVE hyd biryani. Which is the best biryani you ate in hyd? I know people say bawarchi and paradise are the best but my fav is actually this place called Cafe Bahar on basheerbagh. Man, by far, the best biryani i’ve had in hyd and i’ve had quite a bit!!!!

    The best is paradise,i don’t like bawarchi’s.Ops i never heard of Cafe Bahar in basheerbagh :(. We have a hotel here run by a hyderabadi and he serves the best hyderabadi biryani,hotel is very small and mostly it is take aways.Ofcourse my biryani which i do very friday 🙂 🙂

  8. TZP is a fav of mine too Saritha 🙂 the movie has a lot to say and a lot to teach us doesnt it?:)

    Yes 🙂

    havent heard about the second movie:) but I love SHolay and Guide too:)

    specially Guide:)
    and all the beautiful songs in it:)

    I love all the songs in guide and love rosy dances 🙂 wrote Hyderabad my heart 🙂
    so sweet:)

    yes some places have our heart forever:)

    and lucky you to be in Hyderabad on vacations also:)
    thats your home na?:)

    Yes,i don’t get much time to go out of hyderabad

    I LOVE masala dosa *yummyy*
    any dosa I can eat at any time 😀


    I like all your four places:) specially the one about tea 😀

    (tea is my fav ..I can have it in the middle of the night too) 😀

    Oh middle of night also,i just have twice a day and love ginger tea 🙂

    I like your choice of books too:)

    all three are thought provoking in different ways…

    this was a nice tag Saritha:)

    Thanx abhi hugs to u

  9. Saritha, I missed this post on my reader 😦 Just came hopping – only to find that I am really really late 😦

    I thought so 🙂

    Lovely choice of movies – I haven’t seen Taare Zameen par -can you believe it? I must be the only Indian to have not seen it yet 😦

    Oh, get a dvd and watch this movie,it’s a wonderful movie 🙂

    Guide – I loved that movie!!!

    Favourit TV show – Barney 🙂 See our children have totally taken over our lives:)

    Yes,i think more them i love to watch barney and friends 🙂

    Chicken Biryani!!! Drool drool!

    Love your fav 4 places!!! So perfect 🙂

    Great choice of books too 🙂


  10. Wonderfully done Saritha 🙂

    I am yet to see or read the places and movies(except TZP, wonderful movie) you have mentioned 😀

    U didnt see autography,do see that movie,wonderful movie🙂

    but have eaten all the dishes mentioned in the list and me too like briyani much 🙂

    and me too love Tom and jerry.. 🙂

    More than my kids i love to watch tom and jerry 🙂

  11. OMG! how late am i!!!!!!

    nicely done tag saritha!


    me loves Tom and Jerry!!!!! 😀 got two dvds, around 30 episodes in each! tee hee!!!!
    when do u wana come over to watch??? 😀

    Wow great 2 dvds and 30 episodes will come sure with the kids to watch that tom and jha (my younger kids says).I am not getting the dvds,what i get is tom and jerry kids,not much fun in them.U know my younger kid wears only one t-shirt all the time which has tom and jerry picture on that,she doesn’t allows me to wash it.Some how i will remove and wash it and she doesn’t wear anything until it is dry.

    rava masala dosa is the only southie dish i will pay for!!!! 😛 i don’t really like south dishes (too much abundance at home!)

    Too much abundance at home—So true,that’s why i like rava masala dosa and i don’t get to eat much at home

    i am yet to read “Guide”, i have the novel, just not felt like icking it up yet! every book has it’s calling! 😛 wanna read it now after u told here that it’s one of ur favourite! 🙂

    me loved TZP… struck a cord instantly!!! 🙂

    Me too,i watched it 6 times

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