An Hour Of Torture :)

This is the conversation i had with hubby few days back over the phone.

Me:- Did you gave your car for servicing?

Hubby:- Yes  i did and i am going with my salesman.

Hubby:- I am not feeling well

Me:- What happened?

Hubby:- I am having nausea and feel like vomitting?

Me:- You ate out??

Hubby:- No,i had dosa with you all.

Me:- We are fine,why only you are getting?

Hubby:- I don’t know,i am coming home

Disconnects the call and calls back after 1hr

Me:- How are you?

Hubby:- Absolutely fine

Me:-  How?

Hubby:-  Got down from the car.

Me:- What?

Hubby:- Yes  salesman removed his shoes  and the smell from the socks made me sick  🙂


21 thoughts on “An Hour Of Torture :)

  1. Oh goodness!!! That was hilarious!!!!

    Thanx 🙂

    Poor your husband! 😦

    You know, there was a guy(x) in our office, who used to stink – all the time.. Once there was re-shuffling of cubicles and every body had just one concern – please, please don’t let my cubicle be near ‘x’ 🙂

    Smitha in my sales meeting i never used to sit beside few guys who don’t change their shirts for a week 😦

  2. smelly socks can do wonders. I have experienced it in movie theatres many times. Cant explain that smell. A combination of garbage, rotten eggs etc.

    I know it is horrible 😦

  3. This is really hilarious.. 🙂

    a stinky socks proved really costly 🙂

    Yes socks made him to get down the car and also forced him to use the bus 🙂

  4. Ha..ha..ha..ha.. Saritha. Gosh!

    I remember once we walked out of a restaurant because the guy at the other table had stinking feet. 😮

    Yaak he tolerated it for one hour,if i was there i would have got down within 1 minute of getting into the car 😦

  5. Ha ha ha… 😆

    the sock smell is the most most pathetic…. !!!! no wonder he was feeling sick !!!!

    I was asking him how he didn’t realise that it was sock smell which is making him sick

    btw do you wives always have the same question when we feel sick… you ate out ?? huh ??

    😛 😛

    Because we know inspite of eating at home,u people go out and eat with friends 🙂

  6. OMG saritha great your hubby he controlled for 1 hour I couldn’t even sit for a sec. horrible ! he he hee

    Even i won’t sit for a second,i was asking him why he didn’t realise that 😦

  7. Ha ha ha .. How hilarious 😛
    I wud hv really bought a pair of socks for that guy then n there. Wonder how can they ever tolerate that smell themselves 😉

    Welcome here swarnam 🙂

    My hubby also thought of gifting him few pairs of socks,i think they are used to that smell in the closed car 😦

  8. 😆
    Hilarious Saritha!

    Thanx Abhi 🙂

    Poor hubby! He must be really polite cant say anything directly to such people na?

    He didn’t say anything to him,he just got down telling him he has got some work and took a bus to the office 🙂

  9. ROFL!!!! Saritha!!!

    NAhiii!!! smelly socks is the ultimate torture EVER!!!

    yikes yikes…

    poor hubby!

  10. Evarnaina Kidnap cheyyalante..aa salesman socks teekoni velli pedite chaalu easy ga pani aipotundi..what say??

    ha ha ha ha 🙂

  11. LOL
    But it is impossible to step into buses as well. Before I got my license, one day me and my wife were returning from dxb to auh in a bus and the guy behind us was stinking so bad that I felt like jumping of a running bus on Sh Zayed road. So you can imagine! By the time we got home, I had a severe migrane and had to take asprins!

    Bus was better than the salesman car 🙂

  12. That was hilarious…its my first here and I’m glad I laughed my heart out after reading your post,Sarita.
    Thats not to say I didnt feel bad for your husband..he must have felt like a wreck when he had to endure all that smell . Poor him! 😛

    Thanx and welcome here deeps 🙂 Hubby decided not to get into the salesman car again 🙂

  13. Your hilarious situation reminded me of a sardari joke my father used to tell when I was a kid……There was a sardarji in Pt.Nehru’s staff who used to come to the office wearing stinking socks. Tired of the suffering Nehruji called him to the office and gave him hundred rupees and asked him to buy a pair of socks.The sardarji politely took the money and went back. The next day also it started stinking once the sardarji came to office. Nehruji called and asked him as to why he had not purchased a new pair of socks to which the sardarji innocently replied, ‘Sir, I knew you would not believe me so I had kept the old socks in my pocket’. (no offenses meant)

    Welcome here Saji Ganesh.Ha Ha Ha had a good laugh,enjoyed the joke 🙂

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