A decision is taken—At Last

imagesBrought walking shoes few months back and made a excuse that it is very hot outside can’t go for walking either in the morning or evening.Thought will go for a walk once mom is here so that i can leave kids to her.But mom discouraged me not to go for walk as she can’t see her daughter struggling by going for a walk.

Everyday when leaving  daughter at the bus stop always thought of taking the stairs to 6th floor but did only once and then made a excuse that  stairs are dirty to climb,inspite of knowing that the stairs are cleaned once in every two days.Now daughter is having holidays so no point of going /coming back from the bus stop.

Many times called hubby’s aunty (doctor) to ask her about what to eat but never asked her that question.

Dresses are not fitting,under impression that they are shrinking.

Daughter says mamma you are becoming bigger (means becoming fat)

Younger kid sleeps on me than the mattress.

Stopped eating rice since 3 months but eat biryani once in a week,so that is nullified.

Bake cake every week for the kids.That’s an excuse, end up eating with them.

Tea 2-3 times a day and that too with full cream milk to avoid another broken bone.

The result of all these are that i have gained 10kgs to my original weight last august.So in a year i have put on 10kgs,

which is quite high.

After so much of thinking,sacrificing,cheating,arguing i have taken a decision of going on a diet plan.This time called up doctor cousin and asked her what to do to reduce weight.She gave a plan of what to eat everyday.Yesterday was first day of dieting.For breakfast had sprouted moong dal,for lunch had roti and steamed cauliflower seasoned with chaat masala and salt.Then for dinner steamed vegetables and a glass of low fat butter milk.Today also followed the same diet but had idly with out chutney for breakfast.Let me see till how long i will continue this…………….


36 thoughts on “A decision is taken—At Last

  1. 🙂

    try honey with warm water first thing in the morning! that helps apparently…
    I’m going to try that as well from this week. trying to lose weight too 🙂

    Started doing this since last two day 🙂

  2. you have started to take some action… I am looking like a ignorant when it comes to maintaining my body..

    None of the pants which I took before 2 years were fitting 😦

    me too have to exercise and follow a diet plan soon

    Start doing it 🙂

  3. The power went off just after I put that smiley in an attempt to be first 😛

    U know when i saw only ur smiley than i thought the post is very boring and thought of deleting the post,it was very late last night and thought will do this morning.

    All the best with ur sojourn 🙂 Must say that is a well compiled list 🙂


    Thanx 🙂

  4. best is to walk saritha… !!

    😦 that is the only thing i can’t do atleast till september end

    these diets dont work coz we eventually resort to what we were eating earlier..

    simply burn the calories.. !!

    as kids we would eat so much and not gain weight.. 2 reasons.. metabolism and most important we used to burn those calories… just sweat it out !!!!!

    I eat less than hubby but he doesn’t put on weight.Now summer he is not going for a walking but still not putting on weight 😦

  5. Diet is very difficult to follow, that too Idly without chutney…god, it is horrible. You can have idly with chutney powder or onion chutney, mint chutney etc. You need not add coconut to it.

    Yes it is difficult to do,but i started let me see how long i will be able to do it

    Walking is best. Cut oily foods. It might take time to reduce, but it will work. 45 mts. speed walking is best. You have to do it, Saritha.

    I have cut oily foods.Walking is the problem,the temp outside is +49 degrees and night the humidity is so much

  6. Saritha, I gave a sure shot trick to OG on his blog that worked for me after delivery and I still do it. I can vouch for it.

    Please do tell me,will follow that 🙂

    Take one glass of lukewarm water (microwave it), add 1 teaspoon honey, few drops of lemon (not lime). Mix and drink first thing in the morning. It flushes out toxins from out body and gives a healthy body and clear skin.

    Started doing since last two days,lemon is small nimbu no

  7. Saritha all the best for this venture:)


    I can identify with a LOT of things you have mentioned..

    I give the same excuses many times:/

    I am glad that you are seriously trying it out now:)
    ((((hugs))))all the very best!!!:)

    Hugs to u as well 🙂

  8. Yes, Solilo’s tip worked for my sister too. Try it. All the best.

    Great solilo tip worked for ur sister,now waiting for solilo to give me the tip asap


  9. I heard about the lemon thing as well. Saritha, if you walk for an hour everyday I am sure you will lose weight plus avoiding ice creams, cakes, and other delicious foods you will become like Angelina Jolie! All the best!!!!

    Started taking lemon in the morning.Walking is the problem here as the temp is quite high in the mornings and high humidty in the evenings.
    Ha ha me angelina jolie and my hubby brad pit 🙂

  10. Saritha Garu,

    You’ve packed a lot of humour into this post, I was laughing right from the start till the last line :))

    Thanx 🙂
    These lines are nicely written to make us laugh — “she can’t see her daughter struggling by going for a walk”, “Younger kid sleeps on me than the mattress.” — ha ha 🙂

    As “Calorie Consciousness” takes over our life, we tend to go crazy to eat more and more “tasty food” :)) ha ha…

    I was not calorie conscious,but now i am forced to do that by seeing my weight

    So, you have made a good decision to practice a diet plan for weight reduction, keep going, good luck.


  11. saritha……i am so glad..please stick to walking,its great…..health is the best gift one can have…..we need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of each other….i am very proud of you right now……kick off those 10 kilos…good-luck

    Thank u kavitha,hope i will do this for long until i reach my old weight 🙂

  12. saritha! don’t give too much thought and DON”T be guilty!

    it had to hapen so it did….u felt like eating, so u did….

    Hugs to u yaar

    i went on a guilt trip and that mentality punished me even more!

    be morepositive. u wanna get fit,and now u have taken the steps required for it…

    tell u what i did (after loads of mistakes first):
    i did not shop for loose clothes….i decided i will work out and fit into the ones i was using….

    I will do this,i was looking for some loose dresses today to wear it

    i did not deprive, i just cut out on quantity….

    Yes i will do this

    i told myself (and believed) that i am getting fitter by the day…

    Such a positive attitude 🙂

    and i stayed away from bitching about weight gain with friends etc! i changed from “gosh, will u look at how fat i’ve got” to saying “i’m managing my weight, it shud be down soon enough now”

    trust me saritha, i did not have the opportunity to give workout time, but in 2 months i lost 3kgs!

    i do a little workout 3 times a week, like skipping etc, and plan to increase it to 5 times. but the positive outlook does help!

    so saritha!!!! let go and get fit shall we????
    u wanna lose weight, u will! no one can stop that! but no guilt whatsover! okies?

    Thank you so much for these motivating words,hugs to u 🙂

  13. Don’t worry Saritha – I am here keeping you company 🙂 I am in the same boat. Just piling on the weight with all the food 😦


    I actually lost a lot of weight before I got pregnant with Poohi. Used to eat loads of salads and small bites – instead of heavy meals.. They say smaller meals with shorter intervals are better. Try having berry smoothies with low fat yogurt when you feel hungry – it worked for me.

    I have lost so much after my 2nd delivery and started gaining here what i have lost maybe more than that 😦
    Will try berry smoothies

    Now, is another story. As you said – cake every week, eating out a lot – and no exercise 😦 We got an exercise machine – a cross trainer – last year -after realising that going to the gym was not working out. And now even that is lying unused 😦

    I thought of getting a treadmill but i am not sure of myself that i will work on that,it will become cloth hanger etc..

    I have to lose weight – atleast 5 kgs – at the very least. The weather here is actually wonderful to walk in – but lazy me 😦

    U r much better than me only 5kgs,me double of that.The weather is horrible here to go for a walk

    I think it is great that you are atleast controlling food – I just cannot control on food.. Have to start salads again.

    I do a pilates routine – whenever I wake up on time 🙂 something to keep in shape – not that it helps with all that I eat , though:(

    What is this pilates routine??

  14. Hey, good luck with the dieting!

    Thanx 🙂

    I started my diet a few months back and have been on/off but more on than off.

    But in the end, am happy with the end result – was able to loose 13 kg. But I still have 5 more to go before I reach my target weight. So I can understand how it feels to go on diet.

    I’ve been dieting for 4 months now.

    Great you were able to shed 13kgs in 4 months,good going….

  15. Saritha I have been making endless resolutions not every month but every week to hit the gym. But I end up taking the help of excuses galore to not going there 😛

    Even i was doing the same and some how started it,let me see how long i will continue…..

    Go girl,you sure have got your spirit well in place 🙂

    Good luck,Saritha with all the diet regime!

    Thanx deeps

  16. Gosh. You sound like me. I’m in the same boat as you. I make up one excuse or another on why I can’t do it. I need to join you. 😐

    Good Luck!! 🙂

    Thanx 🙂

  17. hope you are still motivated…waiting for a follow up blog…

    Yes shraddha still going on,don’t know how long will continue 🙂

  18. Even I want to looose..who doesnt wantt:) but hen I cant diet,always keep thinking that I nwill start exercising from tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes:)

  19. Spicy food, like chaat masals and coconut-free chutneys and kechtup without sugar, pickles without oil can be tasty without calories…
    Sugar and sweets and direct fat (oil/ butter) is what I give up first.

    Me:It’s been two weeks i didn’t touch sugar and oil,eating only steamed food with raw veggies 🙂

  20. I too end up gainning weight by eating leftovers that were left by Rithvik. hmmm wat to do I dont feel like throwing them to trash.

    Me:Same thing ramya i also do that,don’t feel like throwing and end up eating the left over. 😦

  21. hey Varnavi, actually earlier I used to think like that..why waste food,but now I think why waste your stomach..like we end up making our body into a trash can,by putting everything there:)

    Lol at trash can 🙂

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