Theen Mahena Baad…..

I am not sure if i can write “I AM BACK”,this is 3rd time i neglected my blog.Its been quite hectic at home not finding time to write.One reason for not finding time is Facebook.What ever little time i am getting is spent on FB and chatting with friends.Everday i login to write something which is going in my mind but end up in FB or reading something else.

Time is just flying past.Its almost 9 months and more 3 months for the new year.Time to sit and think what i did in this year and what i should not carry forward to the next year (i meant mistakes etc…)

Since last month i started going to Gym.I know it is not possible to come back to shape cause i neglected it and  there has been many changes since past 10-11 years.But what’s wrong in giving a try.So almost everyday two hours are spent there and i am enjoying my ME time there with other females.I am loving it……

Kids are having quarterly exams from 19th september and not sure our pink leaders (TRS) will allow the kids to go to school.They have called a band today and planning to continue their agitation for separate Telangana.After exams kids are having holidays for 10 days.Its festival season now.First is dusheera followed by Diwali then Christmas and New year.Planning to do lots of shopping alone with the kids minus husband.

Had school re-union after 20 long years.It was quite emotional to see the old school board and the classes.Met school buddies after 20 years and no one has changed,only appearance has changed.Had so much fun after ages.Left kids with mom and was out for full day and this was the second time i left my kids and i went all alone.Thank you buddies for making that day a memorable day.


13 thoughts on “Theen Mahena Baad…..

  1. wow look look a post. He he
    this faceboook needs to be banned for sure people spend too much time on it. Not fair.
    Chatting to friends arreeeeee i guess i am not friend you never chat with me :(.. Not happy

    catching up with school friends oh my god reminds me november is our school founders day maybe i should plan to attend.

    Take care and smileee and write more 🙂

    1. Thats was quick bikram and u didnt claim ur position.You are first here…

      I don’t see you much in fb,i usually login into my fb after 9.00 (india time)

      Will try to be regular here…..

  2. I wish I was a kid studying in Hyd now – I would have got a lot of holidays, thanks to TRS 😉 I too met some of my school teachers before 3-4 years, and noticed no change in them. Was glad to see them. But my school friends have definitely changed with age/position/status, etc. I think they are showing their real face now.

    BTW, you have been tagged on the topic ‘7 things about me’ in my blog. Please view it.

    Destination Infinity

    1. I didn’t see my teachers as all the teachers either have retired or transferred from the school….

      Some of my classmates are in good position and some are not,but they have not changed,they got the same sense of humor and they way of talking too has not changed.

      Thanks for tagging,will do it soon….

  3. Missed you Sari!

    Me too missed u

    2 hours in the gym? Wow! That is impressive! I am sure it will work wonders!

    Hope so….

    As for school reunions – I am so jealous! I wish we could have a school reunion – but most of us have moved away from the place where we grew up – thankfully, most of them are on FB 🙂

    Thorough FB i got in touch with many of my classmates,thanks to fb

  4. It could so easily have been me writing post, Sari! The blog break, FB addiction, school re union and such :D.

    Yeah,u too share with us about your re union no….

    It’s wonderful to know that you’re enjoying the ‘ME’ time, have fun in the gym 🙂

    Good luck to the girls for their exams. Hope those pink hooligans don’t come in the way. Do they even realize the amount of disharmony and disruption they are causing in people’s lives by indulging in such ridiculous social activism?

    Will pass on ur wishes to them.They are sick people,till now they are silent and when quarterly exams are about to start they started agitation for separate state

    School reunions are such fun, aren’t they?

    We had so much fun after ages,laughed a lot and we all had lunch together…

  5. Well! Good to see a post from you too Sari! 😀
    Almost everyone is back and its good to see posts! 🙂

    Hope i continue with blogging

    Enjoy your Me time at the gym and have fun – you will get back into shape for sure! 🙂

    Thanks and hope that i come back to into shape.huggssss

  6. I am happy to see you so happy, Saritha!

    Thanks sandhya….

    So, you have joined a gym and seriously exercising! This will build up your self-confidence too. I can imagine how happy you were while meeting your school friends. I met a school mate after 35 years during a concert here! She nearly shouted on seeing me! It was a happy reunion!

    Gym is my stress buster sandhya,i get to meet people girls and i have fun there.

    Our reunion was quite emotional,felt so nice and was thinking the day should not get over.

    Now, the children are grown up and you have got your mother too, staying near you. You can have a lot of ‘me time’ hereafter!

    Now i can leave pinky too with my mom and spend sometime for myself.

    Best of luck to Pinku and Varu for their exams!

    Will pass on ur wishes to them…

    Enjoy life, Saritha and keep blogging…see, so many people are waiting to read them!

    Will try to be regular here…

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