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Hindi and telugu songs play a great part in our daily life.I grew or the matter everyone grew up hearing these songs first on radio then the TV,then the cassettes ,DVD’s and now internet and mobiles.Some songs are so inspirational that i keep on hearing those songs.Some are very emotional which make me cry.Some i hear  only for music or some for the lyrics.For each stage in our life there are songs both in Hollywood and tollywood.Some songs we can relate to our life and our relationships.

I hardly know any new songs,mostly when i hear some song if i like it then i browse for that song and download it in the mobile and keep on hearing that.So most of the songs i am uploading are the songs which i like a lot and i keep on hearing them.

The song which inspires me the most is the song from Naa Autograph (2004) telugu movie.The is picturised on Bhoomika,lyrics by Chandra bose,music by Keeravani M M and singer Chitra.

I love Shaan’s voice a lot . Tanha Di was sang,composed and lyrics by Shaan

Next song is about a marriage.When ever i  hear this song i go back to my marriage.Wonderful song sung by veteran singer Jikki,music by Mani sharma and picturised on Mahesh babu (my fav hero) and Sonali Bendre.

Classic song by A.R.Rehman from movie Roja.I love the song because of the high pitch and AR Rehman music and SP Balu’s voice.

Another beautiful song sang by Kumar Sanu picturised on Sanjay dutt and Madhuri Dixit.This song is from Saajan,lyrics by Sameer and music by Nadeem Sharavan.

This song is from film Guna where Kamal Hassan tells the heroine to write a love letter which he intends to give her.Superby lyrics and this song is sang by SP and Sujatha music by Illayaraja sir.

This superb song was a big hit in 80’s.I love this song….

Will be adding more shortly……


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