My Crochet


19-08-09 010

All patterns are from Lionbrand website

Camera Case from

Cell phone pouch from

Spider web bookmark from sandyfroglegs

Pink doll,tiny kitty and donkey from kandjdolls

Eye glasses and change purse from


27 thoughts on “My Crochet

  1. Saritha, this is beautiful! When did you post this? You have done so many things and so beautifully! Each one of them is beautiful!

    You are too talented, Saritha! God bless you!

  2. Wow wow wow! I will snatch them all from u when we meet 😛

    Saru, the last one is soooooooo cute and the two turtles too 🙂

    U n Crafty so make me want to learn Crochet 😛

  3. Saritha – this is amazing!! Lovely idea! I had planned to restart my crochet plans after Poohi started school. She started 2 weeks back and I am more busy than ever! How do you manage it? You are a super woman! Cooking, 2 blogs, 2 kids and crochet!!! Wow!!!!!!!

    1. The idea of putting up a page was solilo’s and crafty’s.Mostly i do this on friday evenings when i dont have to cook and kids are playing with hubby.

      Infact i always wanted to ask u how u manage your time,posting very regularly and reading many blogs and commenting.I hardly get any time to read blogs,what little time i get, i read very few blogs and comment on them.

  4. CONGRATS Sari!!!!!

    this is just awesome! i can’t tell u how much happy i am!!! tee heeeeee

    *crafty takes Sari by hand and they do the danganakka*

    u tried the sweets too!!!! me has done them too, they are fun to make, tee hee…

    that penguin looks adorable, with the scarf and all! lol!!!!

    and the coffee cup… and the turtles!!!!!!!!!!

    hugssssssss Sari! they all look gorgeous! 😀

  5. Sari!!! The dolls have turned out really nice!!! And the mittens are pretty pretty pretty! 😀

    Thanx,gave that orange doll to my friend

    I barely get time to crochet now! Good that ur updating this page! Hugs!!!!!

    Thanx,most of the patterns u gave me.

  6. Wow! I just saw this page and they are so cute. You have such good talent.

    Thanks telugumom, crochet hobby got from my dear friend crafty, who is not blogging these days, you should see her blog…

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