Revisiting good old doordarshan

Watched all these programmes on black & white sears TV.Best/funny part was that TV had two doors.We cried when my mom gave the TV to someone and brought a colour tv.Saw few serials in black & white and few in Colour tv.When we had b@W tv,when ever chitrahaar aired,we used to run to the neighbours house (they had a colour tv) to check what colour dress the hero/heroine was wearing in that song.I started to write about doordarshan and writing about b&W tv.
The golden era of 80s-90s when Doordarshan ruled and one after another great show kept us all enthralled. With all the garbage that is shown on TV these days (esp. the annoying soaps in India), these shows bring back good old times!.

I thought i will refresh my readers and get refreshed with the old tv shows.My fav being the circus,fauji,malgudi,udan and flop show.Feel free add more,i will update my post.Here comes the videos…..

Doordarshan Signature


Malgudi Days

Kachchi Dhoop

Vikram Aur Betaal

Alif Laila



Ek Titli Pls keep ur speakers on

Flop show

Lol i got more tracks of doordarshan jingles will post next.
Pls free to add your choice.