Day 27 Talk to me

Sometimes I feel you are not spoken to because you are a women. I meant people avoid talking to you because you are a women. I don’t stop myself what I like to do because I am a women.

In my house I am the one who fixes furnitures,taps,lights etc. I don’t stop myself doing it because those jobs are not gender related. My landlord doesn’t like talking to me when it comes to things like fixing something in the house. Husband has a zero knowledge and lack of interest in doing these stuff. When I ask something to my landlord and he says he will talk to R. I am glad he is talking to R but it’s me who needs an answer. R says to me that he didn’t follow what the landlord told him and wants me to talk to him.

Another class friend (school friend for 10 years) of mine comes in this typical mentality that after certain age you are not supposed to talk to your friend who is a girl. I met him on FB after 20 years. I was super excited that I got in touch with him. One day I saw him online and started chatting with him. Online chat you can’t make out if the other person is willingly chatting with you or. After few minutes he sends me a message saying talk to my wife. What? I don’t know her nor he is married when I knew him in school, what i am supposed to talk to her? 

Both these individuals are highly educated. We have gone to Moon but we have not stop differentiating.

Here in Canada both men and women are same. No one raises an eyebrow when a women drives a three ton truck , does the courier deliveries, drives uber or school buses etc…

I have a neighbour here who talks to me more often then to R. I wonder why he didn’t block his mind.


2 thoughts on “Day 27 Talk to me

  1. Oh these insecure men who think they’re macho…even though it angers me so much when I encounter one, its best to leave them and start living our life!
    That landlord…poor guy – ha ha he thought your hubby does all those fixing jobs…he has never heard of self sufficient and efficient women like us.
    I thought the men dont like wife talking to other men…he he…this is news!

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