Day 25 Chaos Vs Calm

The calmness in the house kills me.Sometimes when I come home after work, husband takes kids to math classes and house is so calm.

I hate it and feel like going to the math class to bring kids back home. Sometimes I go directly to math classes from work because I don’t want to be in the house without them. I know I am possessive and I am not yet prepared for my kids to leave my nest.

I always prefer a small house where kids are in front me. I always dared to take a big house in which I don’t know where they are until I call them asking where they are. I never give time out to my kids and lock them in their bedrooms. I have been advised that to discipline the child you  have to punish them not to come out of their bedroom for sometime. I will never ever do it.

I want everything to be done in the living room. Reading books,watching TV together,gossiping about friends,sharing secrets….I do give them their space and I too take some time for myself.

Varu was told by her friend that the moment her father comes home , the house has to calm if not her father gets irritated. Your house is made for you and kids. Your house is not complete without your kids. They talk,sing,chatter,fight…it’s like this until they go to bed….

Family that reads,eats,sits,chats,gossips together lives together. That’s my version of Family that’s eat together lives together.

12 thoughts on “Day 25 Chaos Vs Calm

    1. Same sentiments as Smi. Love time on my own though what you have written about is also a lot of what I believe in too :)) Bit of both I think. Specially with a hyperactive toddler these days!

      1. It’s only for few years Indyeah and slowly they start having their own me time away from us..I don’t disturb them when they want privacy..I respect that.

        1. Ah! That way eh? Let’s see when that time comes and how I feel about it. Right now toh I would give anything in the world for a leisurely mug of tea! 😂

    1. Thanks uma. I am starting to prepare myself. Sometimes now itself I see Varu only at the dinner table because she has got so much school work to do. On Friday she leaves home at 7:00 and comes back at 4:30 and starts doing her school work.she is getting into that busy schedule…

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