Day 24 Few reasons why I like winter

I always crib about winter but I do like winter for few reasons.

First and foremost reason is I can go out in my pyjamas. Yeah you read it right. But the pyjamas are covered with a long thick winter coats and long boots so hardly what I wear inside cannot be seen.

I love to wear scarfs and look forward for winter to wear scarfs.

Not much traffic on the roads as many use public transport to commute.

Can happily wear sweaters to work and don’t have to help husband in ironing his clothes.

Love to watch snow falling and taking pictures of snowflakes.

Edited to add the above picture.


10 thoughts on “Day 24 Few reasons why I like winter

  1. I like winter as far as it a only cold. It’s when it cold, wet and windy that it drives me nuts. I have to I love getting to wear boots the most about winters. I haven’t ever gone out in pyjamas, unfortunately. I do know folk who drop off their kids in pyjamas but since I always drop her off enroute to work, that doesn’t quite work for me 😦

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