Day 23 The weather network

Come winter the weather network website gets the maximum hits. Checking the weather in this part of the world is so crucial and it’s like a basic necessity. Everything is dependent on the weather. 

First thing in the morning is to check that days weather. And wear accordingly. For different temperature you have to wear different clothing ( got an idea) for another post.

The website The weather network almost gives accurate temperature hourly,weekly and monthly. And if we feed our address it’s tells the school kids how to dress up for winter.

We can sign up to get alerts as text messages on phone. If we go out without checking the website we will freeze. 

When I came to Canada I was confused why everyone are checking the temperature. In India news paper shows today’s temperature and that’s it. Here every hour temperature is checked. Later I realized that winter weather keeps on changing every hourly or every minute.

Our third day in Canada this incident happened. We thought checking temperature was foolish thing to do and we went out without checking. We were wearing light fleece jackets and flip flops. Sun was shining brightly. The moment we stepped out, strong cold wind welcomed us. Still we thought that’s ok. Took few more steps and our feet were frozen. We had to rush inside. Dressed up in layers and then venture out.

From then we check the weather and before going out.

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