Day 22 Today’s update

As usually got up at 5:30 am today. Made kids lunch box and my lunch box. Kids got up and got ready by 7:45am. To layers ourselves we have to assign another 15 minutes. The moment the I opened the front door strong wind hit my face and it was bone chilling outside. And my car had a flat tyre. Then only I realized that I am yet to change my car tyres, has to use winter tyres now. Luckily husband was at home and he dropped me and kids. Called the service centre and they gave me a date for next week. So I am at mercy of husband to drop and pick me. 

Husband friend’s son is coming here to study. The boy’s dad called husband so many times telling him to pick him up at the airport, keeping him at my house etc… It’s so hard for the parents to send kids away. When husband friend was talking to him I felt someday I will be him if I send my girls away for education. I prefer not to but I don’t want to interfere in their choice. Varu is 12 now and in another 4 or 5 she will fly away. 

Very short post today, see you all tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Day 22 Today’s update

  1. Oops! Bad start to the day, eh. Good that your husband was home to drop you all off. Hope you are managing fine.

    Oh I fear I will be a wreck when Namnam goes to college, Sari! With our girls in the same age bracket, we might all be in the same boat around then. We can start a virtual gossip club to ward off our empty nest blues, what say? ;).

  2. Oh ho !! Flat tyre in the morning rush hour is such a pain…glad your husband helped !

    Sari…just a few years…be ready for empty Nest and all…If they stay back, its good for you ! But they learn a lot and become so independent when left alone !

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