Day 21 One size big

Winter is here. Yesterday evening had blowing snow and temperatures dipped to -12 degrees Celsius. Yesterday evening was spent in taking out all the winter wear. Snow boots which I brought for the girls last year were too tight for them. Was not able to go out to buy them as Sunday outlets close early. Some how kids managed it with normal shoes as not much snow was predicted today. 

Today evening went to buy boots for girls. When we were selecting I over heard a desi parent telling the kid to take a one size bigger so that the kid can wear them next year. I understand that winter is only for 5 months after winter one cannot wear snow boots. 

But the kid will have difficulty in walking in a bigger shoes. It means the kid has to suffer this year so that those snow boots can be wored next year!!! Come on people, just to save 50$ you want your kids to suffer. Just imagine your child walking in those big shoes,falling on the snow and ice. Think of the injuries and pain the kid will go through. And the kid will be mocked at school by other kids.

Live and let others live for that day…


9 thoughts on “Day 21 One size big

  1. I know, Sari! There is one family here who put a picture of their son going to a posh school but they had bought him a blazer which was at least 3 sizes too big. He looked so funny and sad in them.

  2. I guess this ideology runs deep in Indian minds because I see this everywhere I go and oversized shoes are perfect examples because a kid in my child’s class was seen wearing sandals 2 sizes too larg and she wasn’t even able to walk properly let alone play, dance or run.

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