Day 20 All roads lead to food

I have been thinking what to write today. All my ideas were going to food only. I wonder do we eat to survive or survive to eat.

When ever there is a chat going on with close friends food is a mandatory topic of discussion.

I was watching President Obama speech in Peru. He wished the people in Spanish and mentioned about few food items which he likes in Peru.

It’s always in a informal meeting over a cup of tea,brunch or dinner. All roads lead to our stomach.

Formal and business meeting too ends with a lunch or dinner.

Any celebrations food is the first thing to decide.

Each festival has different foods to be prepared.

Each country has a different cuisine.

Last thing before going to bed every night is to decide  what to cook tomorrow.

Friends coming over what to make.

There are proverbs on food.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. George Bernard shaw.

Food taste better when you eat with your family.

Family that eats together stays together.

Most of the awaking time in a day goes thinking about the food. I feel toughest job is to think and decide what to cook and eat.


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