Day 19 Chole Bhature

Today my day started very lazily. Didn’t take kids to swimming as all roads to the swimming centre were closed today because of a annual Santa parade. I wish I go there.

Was in no mood to make breakfast so had yesterday’s left over pizza. Varu asked me what is chole bhature. She has many desi friends who talk a lot about our food and they happen to tell her chole bhature. Mom’s guilty was killing me that I didn’t give kids good breakfast made chole bhature for lunch. Chole bhature reminds me of a incident.

We were living in Oman then and I was pregnant with my first child. There is a restaurant Oman express, the best South Indian food one can get in Oman. That day we both went their and were looking at the menu to order. Husband always orders mini idles in sambar and I was yet to decide. At the end I order chole Bhature without knowing what it is and I was craving for something spicy and tangy.

Husband order came quickly and by the time my order came he finished it. Then my chole Batura came. I was so surprised to see the size of bhature which were bigger then a roti. I became so conscious suddenly that I am eating so much food and husband said I am full and all is yours . He also got a surprised look on his face thinking how can I eat that much food. At the end I ate one only and packed the other one.

It’s time for my afternoon nap, see you all tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “Day 19 Chole Bhature

  1. I haven’t had Chole bhature for ages now. But seeing your plate makes me want to try it 🙂

    I’m definitely not making it though. I’ll have to go to an Indian place and try it

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