Day 17 My walking continues 

At my work place during summer a challenge was taken by many departments. Each department had few people who formed a team and each team was competing with each other. I too joined my department and we called ourselves “lose to win”.

The challenge was that each member has to take 10,000 steps in a day.End of three months which every team had maximum steps count were the winners. There was no prizes for the winners but the prize everyone got was they reduced their weight and are more active. We were charged nominally and were given a pedometer which we keep on our body until we retire to bed every single day.

Everyday morning, during breaks and lunch everyone used to walk. I too started with 7000 steps per day and after few days reached 10000 steps. Then there was a gap for 15-20 days as I sprained my ankle. My team came fifth place and I reduced 6lbs in three months.

This walking can only be done in summer here and summer is too short. Now the temperature is around 4 degrees Celsius and can’t dare to walk, can’t walk even with coat. At home I am still counting my steps but my count is around 6000 steps and during weekends I sometime reach 10000. How much ever we diet, without a physical exercise we cannot reduce. Even if you reduce 1 to 2 lb you feel more active.


10 thoughts on “Day 17 My walking continues 

  1. That’s brilliant, Sari. I use the Fitbit but I’m yet to lose weight. I don’t walk extra though, its just my daily walking, from the car park to work and back, a stroll at lunch time.. I guess I should up my walking to see some results

  2. What a fab competition! And you lost 6lbs! That’s so wonderful. I am inspired to walk to lose weight now. Thanks for the inspiration, Saritha!

  3. Yes! Unless we are physically active, all the fat gathers in one place…once it is stocked, we have to work hard twice. Less oily food and more activity. My son got my husband that pedometer to my husband. Since he is retired now, except morning walks, moving around home is very less. Going out also is very less. So, son checks at night and warns him! You are doing OK. Keep it up, Saritha!

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