Day 16 Half month is done

So, it’s half month done and November has only 30 days.

Today has been like all others days busy. Came home to see lots of dishes in the sink which was not what I expected. Sometimes you should not assume things (thought husband will do dishes).

Still have piles of clothes to fold which I have been postponing since Sunday. I promised myself tomorrow for sure will fold them.

Today salad lunch for me. I love salad and that too with quinoa is filling. Addition of raisins  taste yummy. Wanted to make something spicy for dinner. 

Husband came early today and when I came in, I saw him seeing veh chef videos. All my tiredness vanished because I know he is going to make something. He made bagara baigain and I made roti. I always pray something should be left so that I carry that for my lunch next day. Tomorrow’s lunch is prepared tonight only you see.

Now sitting on a couch thinking what to write more and feeling sleepy too. See you all tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Day 16 Half month is done

  1. I love bagara baingan too. The mere thought has my drooling. Same pinch on the clothes. I have so many to iron and put away. It’s all been dumped in my spare room turned laundry room. The only saving grace is that I just dump all the dishes in the dishwasher. I couldn’t face doing the dishes at the end of the day.

    1. I am lucky, my co it’s always causal. I am always in my jeans and select tops which don’t need ironing. I don’t use dishwasher much because my dishwasher doesn’t washes our Indian big pans and cooking pots properly.

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