Day 14 Try to get what you love…

“Try to get what you love or else you are forced to love what you get”- Author unknown.

My job after my Post graduation was my first love and it was in the year 1997, i was fresh from college and didnt know much about what i am supposed to do in the job.It was purely sales job and i used to enjoy a lot.It involved lot of travelling in the city as well as to other states.Never got a chance to explore the other states but my city i have explored it to maximum in those 3 years of my job.

I was so obessed with my job that my mom used to tell me that whole night i used to murmur in my sleep about my work.I still get dreams that i am working in that company.I still  carry my visiting card in my purse.The feeling I had when i saw my first visiting card cannot be expressed in the words.

Then my mom started telling me that sales jobs are not for girls,it is not good to come home late at 9.00 in the night and forced me to write bank exam.I don’t how i cleared the exam inspite of not doing a single maths problem correctly (that’s according to me,maybe the person who corrected by paper got all the answers right,i don’t know).Then when i got the job in a pvt bank very reluctantly resigned the job,that day i cried a lot and i still miss my first job.Even now i am sure of getting that sort of job but i don’t think i can give that much time and concentration to my job.That time i was single and young i have ample of time for myself.Now with family and kids i don’t think i can. 

I was the only female in my office and i used to get preferential treatment from my colleagues then. I was bothered by my colleagues only in the end of the month when there was a deficit in the sales target and asking me to contribute more for that month. I had a very good rapport with the distributors that a single phone to them our sales target was achieved.

Had I not listen to my mom, I would have completed 20 years in the same company. That company gave a voice to an introvert. I can’t blame her to, she is more bothered about the society then my interest and my choice. What I am now it’s because of that company, it made me bold and speak up. 

After that company what ever job I did,I was forced to love that job. Now I work because I have to pay my bills. 



9 thoughts on “Day 14 Try to get what you love…

  1. Well…who knows, whatever happened, happened for good! With that experience, you are able to work in a company abroad and you are happy, which is more important. Those days will be happy memories, Saritha!

  2. My “real” first job was my biggest nightmare 🙂 I walked into the office and knew instantly that I had made a wrong choice. Of course, I quit in 15 days, and have never ever mentioned that in my CV 😛 Officially, my first job was in a boutique agency and i LOVED it like how! 🙂

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