Day 12 Thank you chef

This post is dedicated to my favourite and my saviour chef, Sanjay Thumma.

Yeah you all read it right, he is my saviour . Little did I know that introducing his cooking videos to my husband changes my life forever. Husband has become Sanjay Thumma in my house. He had found new interest in cooking. So most evenings it’s husband who cooks dinner for us by watching chef Sanjay tumma videos. I can’t ask more from God and will ask Sanjay Thumma to keep posting cooking videos and inspiring husband to cook. Husband says cooking is a therapy to him. And I dont mind cleaning the mess in the kitchen once he is done with his cooking.

By seeing videos husband cooks most complex indian recipes and we get to eat different kinds of food. From biryani to chutneys husband makes it.

And should not miss writing about husband’s upma. I have been cooking since 15 years and yet to master upma and belive me husband cooks upma so well and delicious without any lumps in it.

To night husband is planning to make kadai veg rice. I brought groceries today and waiting for husband to make food for us. Role reversal you see.😍

Edited to add veh chef videos link,–p910kks

9 thoughts on “Day 12 Thank you chef

  1. Hahahaha…how wonderful is that Sari! This magician chef Sanjay Thumma seems to have brought out the hidden chef in your husband :D. Good for you! Enjoy.

    Let me go check out his videos too..

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