Day 9 My chai addiction

When I was a kid, my mom used to say tea should be light,less milk and right amount of sugar. I used to wonder it’s not a rocket science to make tea. Boil water and add tea leaves. Add milk, sugar and use a stainer and pour it in the cup. Now I realize what my mom meant was. Some like dark tea,more milk and less sugar,some don’t add milk, some don’t take sugar in their tea.

Don’t remember how I started having tea. Now I am so addicted to tea that I have to drink twice a day and if I get to drink in the mid day is nothing like it.  Always I have instant tea packets at work. When I am hungry I feel like having tea.

Before we didn’t had much variations in tea but now we have green tea,black tea,pink tea,herbal tea and our desi combination of ginger tea,cinnamon tea,masala tea and etc…

I tried most of the above teas and didn’t like any of them apart from our desi chai.

Tata tea and Taj Mahal is my favourite. And wagah bakri chai too is good.

After coming here we have a small chai group of ladies. We meet quite often and have chai pe charcha. Our topics never seems to end as gets carry forward for another chai day.

What’s your favourite drink? Tea or coffee?


5 thoughts on “Day 9 My chai addiction

  1. I am a chai-snob…my chai has to be the right shade of brown, brewed just right etc.Although I have to admit that on some days only coffee works, specially when I am not at home.

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