Day 6 The week it was.

Tomorrow starts my work week.  I am looking forward to go to work and had a great time away from work.  No deadlines, no quality and no questions or answers for the last one week.

what did I do??

Monday: Dropped kids at the school and when I came back my hallway was smelling of upma. Yes my husband mastered the art of making upma. Ate upma with ghee and chutney. Then husband left to work. I was just lazying around the house. Made roti and dal for lunch. Picked kids from school, gave them food and slept for two hours.Evening didn’t do much, ate the left overs and slept.

Tuesday: Husband left early, ate cereals and walked kids to school. Came back did little of house work and crocheted for while. Pulled myself to cook something and ended up making sambar and capsicum curry to go with rice. Walked to school to pick kids. Helped kids in dong their homework and evening husband made chicken curry to go with roti.

Wednesday : Same repeated dropping and picking the kids. Did all the bank work which were pending for last one year and saw ah dil hai mushkil movie.

Thursday: I like to buy antique stuff and thrifty store sell all the used stuff which people donate to them. I have been told by many that once parents are no more their children not knowing the value of the things the parents collected over a period of time donate to thrifty stores and these stores have a good collections of antiques. I have been their couple of times but i never found anything interesting. I was told that those antique collectables are the fast moving stuff in these stores. And one should be willing to spend much time here. So i had entire Thursday to do window shopping and did get few stuffs at a throw away price. Had dinner at a Indian restaurant.

Friday: Went to garden centre and brought few indoor plants and pots. Half day was spent in potting the plants. Then watched the movie Still Alice. Thanks to Sandhya for her review of the movie and it is available on YouTube. Then did grocery shopping, had pizza.

Saturday: Saturday is a crazy day. Laundary,cleaning,cooking and everything on the same day. But I didn’t feel much burden because I had a free week doing nothing. Took kids to swimming classes,friends were supposed to come home for tea but got cancelled and cooked dalcha and bahara rice.

Sunday has started one hour early as Canada observes day light saving and today clocks go one hour behind. If we set alarm everyday at 5 am, we end up getting up at 4 am. No plans for today just that I have to take kids for swimming lessons.

Above all what I am able to post straight for six days,was able to read the blogs I follow and was able to follow quite a few who are doing this challenge.

See you all on Monday and I am promising myself to keep posting for 24 days.

ps: Half of the title copied from Cyrus tv show, the week that wasn’t.

Edited to add pic.






7 thoughts on “Day 6 The week it was.

  1. What a wonderful week you had, Sari. You seem to have done a lot during your break. I wish I had done stuff like you did.
    I’ve never found anything interesting in a thrift store here. We did find some interesting antiques in an antique store once though, but we didn’t get it at a throwaway price.

  2. Thats a beautiful antique piece, Sari! You seem to have had a fun break with so many things packed in. Hope you are all refreshed to join back work. Have a great week ahead 🙂

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