Day 4 😍 my love

No words can describe my feelings towards you. Sometimes I wonder what good deeds I did to get you in my life. You are a part of me which eventually get detached and I am not sure if I can endure that pain.

The calmness I get from you is beyond anything I got in my life.

You are a true blessings to me and hope I keep my blessings happy and help you achieve what ever you want to achieve in your life.

When ever you call me all my senses get active and I am trying not to say no to you because I never heard no from you.

You got motherly instincts and you protect your sister as a mother would do.

You are calm,pious,smart,intelligent and above all you have a good heart.

I echo what your friends say about you that they are lucky to have you as their friend.

And also you are turning into a matured girl who knows where to draw a line.

You are passionate about small kids and they easily get attracted to you.

Even when you are a infant you never woke up at night and always engrossed in yourself, you never asked for attention.

When you were two years old , one of my aunt said she is willing to raise 100 kids like you without any issue.

And you have a ability to get what you want without nagging for it.

Love you beta (Varunavi my first born).

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