Day 3 I love yoga

Yoga class used to be most dreaded class in my school days. Yoga sir was damn strict. And when ever he was teaching Breathing exercise we all used to giggle .And anyone are caught then he used to hold the student by the arm and used to swing around. We used to make all the possible excuses not to attend his classes which we always used to fail.

I was always an introvert in the class and one day someone from behind laughed. Sir didn’t see who it was and caught my arm and he swing me around. Believe me I peed in my pants.

I was so scared of yoga then. After 10th it was a big relief that I don’t have to attend yoga classes any more. I totally forgot about yoga for many years. 

Then after kids I was having health issues and lots of stress, yoga was a god sent to me to come back to myself. I was putting on weight because of stress, my periods were painful and blood pressure was not in check.

It just happened that one day I was walking in a street and saw a big hoarding about a gym and yoga centre. I never wanted to go to gym but I thought of trying yoga. The place I went the instructor was more for gym and less for yoga.

But I used to do yoga with other people there.

Then my dear friend uma introduced me to her friend Anahata yoga. I got enrolled there for traditional yoga. That was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Traditional yoga is very slow process unlike other forms of yoga. You do asanas slowly and be in the posture as along as you can.

My blood pressure became normal and my periods were on time and less painful. My body started toning and those extra fats got melted. I was always under impression that heavy body people can’t do yoga, I was wrong…it’s the person flexibility and movement of the body that is achieved by doing yoga. 

After relocating here I used to go for yoga classes on Sundays. I always feel the guru’s positive or negative vibrations passes to her/his students. Initially I used to like the classes but slowly I felt there is something missing in those classes. Didn’t go for few classes and when then I went for one class, that  day I felt the teacher is having a bad day and that is getting passed to her students. I stopped going.

When ever time permit I do yoga at home but I feel it’s always better to go for yoga classes. I am in look out for classes which suites my time.

Here yoga is taught at school too. Pinky( my 9 year old daughter) like shavasan  the most😝😝😝.


13 thoughts on “Day 3 I love yoga

  1. I love yoga too.. but nowadays, I’ve been more into hardcore weight lifting and Zumba.. haven’t attended a yoga class in more than a year now!! whew!
    I should make time and go

  2. ha ha…shavasan liking just like me 😀 😀
    BTW…that reminds me, I also need to go to yoga classes…doing at home is not working…lazy and no motivation !

  3. Yes, Shavaasan is the best asana….Hahahaaaa….Pinky!

    I had been doing yoga for many years now, but after coming to this house, I am attending 4 classes a week and very regular. I had learnt from a guru who was coming to our Hosur from Bangalore and teaching us….this was when I was 35. I continued doing suryanamaskaara all these years but now, I love my yoga class!

    Join some class and it will make you feel happy, Saritha!

  4. Yoga is the ONLY thing that’s ever made me lose any weight. Well, not like i tried anything else, but i have always loved yoga. Must start again. Thanks for the prompt! 🙂

  5. I love shavasan the best 😉
    I have never tried yoga fir the lack of any instructor nearby. Though I am into regular exercise and weights. So glad you are happy to be doing yoga all over again 🙂
    Stay put Saritha!

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