After going through for last three months I took a decision to quit.

It’s unlike me..I was always been a fighter..never quit..but not any more..can’t take the stress any longer..

I am sad that I took this long to decide to quit and happy that I choosed to quit.

First time in my life I realized QUIT is such a big and powerful letter. 

Nothing is more important than your health. If your health and your family is getting effected then one should call it a day. It’s the best decision I have ever taken in my life.

When you can’t do…you can’t do, period.  There is something which a human can’t do. Everyone wants you to go above and beyond. They are not living your life…you are living your life. To know what a person is  going through step into that person shoes and walk the same path. 

Took a week off to get back to normal.

11 thoughts on “Day 2 At last

  1. well when you cant do .. STOP doing it .. Take a break or do something else and then come back to it again…

    and hey Quitting is not always a sign of losing or anything like that , all it means is that you have better things to do then worry about something …

    My best wishes always

  2. Oh !! These decisions happen like that ! Am glad you think of yourself first ❤
    Big hugs Sari…may all your wishes come true – health, happiness and love !

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