Day 1 ladoo

This is the first time I am doing NaBloPoMo. Have to post for 30 days. Please wish me good luck. Anything before we start we prayer to Ganesh and offer him Ladoo. I am posting a ladoo recipe as my first post to start the challenge.

Dates and nuts ladoo.

Dates 2 cups shredded

walnuts 1/2 cup

cashews 1/2 cup

Almonds 1/2 cup

Pista unsalted 1/2 cup

Dry coconut powder 3 tbsp

Ghee 3 tbsp

How to make them ?

Take all the nut in a grinder and crush them. Here we are not making fine powder but coarsley grinding them.

Take a pan. Add ghee.

when ghee melts add dates.

Saute for a while, dates starts sticking to each other.

Turn off the flame. Add nuts.

Take little ghee on palms and make round balls.

In a plate take dry coconut powder and roll the ladoos in it.

Isn’t it very simple. The time taken to eat is less than time taken to make them.😜😜😜


22 thoughts on “Day 1 ladoo

  1. Dates and Nuts Ladoo… never tasted them… your recipe looks simple and looks great too. Will try it sometimes. Good luck for this blogging marathon!

  2. What a fantastic start to the blogging marathon Saritha 🙂
    So glad to have your company all month. Would love to try these yummy looking ladoos sometime.
    Let’s rock the NaBloPoMo.

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