A Life is a life

A life is a life..be it’s a man or an animal.

There was a video circulating of a gorilla on a verge to kill a four year old boy who fell in the Gorilla enclosure. I have seen the video and it was scary to watch it. The gorilla lifted the boy as a mother lifts the child and then dragged the boy in the water, not once but twice. Just imagine what the mother of the boy is going through and boy will  be going through after that ordeal.

Because it was not you, blame game started. Tell me which mother will allow the child to go  near the enclosure? It’s really hard to predict what the child is going to do. No mother will predict that my child will go near the Gorilla. Initially i too thought it’s the parents faulty. Who i am to judge the mother ?  The boy’s mother would have definitely avoided the gorilla enclosure but kids when they get something in their mind, they try to get it. Some said that boy said i want to be with Gorilla because he doesn’t know what is a Gorilla.

Now coming to Gorilla. Just imagine Gorilla living in its own habitat with other animals and importantly its own species. There is no one there coming to see them. Living in a vast jungle, getting their own food and roaming freely. Not even once seeing a human. Here it is sitting and roaming in a small enclosure. People clapping and making noises to get its attention. Having meal times and eating what people throw on it. So when this boy fell down in its enclosure maybe it felt threatened. It’s hard to predict what Gorilla will be doing because the boys looks different, he is a human not its species. One more minute then the Gorilla would have trashed the boy to the hard wall. I heard zoo officially saying that tranquillising will take time and boy would have been dead then. The best option was to kill the animal. I felt bad for Gorilla, it was not its fault that it is entertaining us, it’s not it’s fault that the boy fell in that pit..it’s fault was its reaction…that is the difference between a beast and a man. People are faulting zoo officials that they killed a endangered gorilla. Who endangered it? It’s we who brought the situation till here..

How vulnerable is the enclosure. A small child walks to the enclosure and bends down to see the Gorilla and falls in its pit. I understand there can’t be zoo security people every where but there is should have been some high wall or a fence where in the child can’t reach. Just imagine the height of the wall.

Here everything is taken care so properly and with respect to the children authorities are very careful. Here the child always comes the first. Morning at the school, there are volunteers around the school holding stop signs and helping the kids get into the school building safe. They are there for one hour before and after school.  When a school bus is dropping a kid, no vehicles should pass by and all vehicles should stop 200 meters away from the bus. And not doing so are fined $ 2000.

Let me write about an incident happened last Saturday. I take kids for swimming lessons every Saturday and i am not allowed at the pool. The moment i sign in, its the responsibility of the swimming instructor and life guard. Parents are allowed to see the kids from a glass enclosure. Like all Saturdays i left them at the pool and went for my walk. Since it was hot on that day i didnt walk much but came into the building and was waiting for the girls in the change room. Then a fire alarm started ringing. There was no rush or people pushing at the entrance. The staff were so calm and evacuated everyone outside. I was allowed to be with my kids and we were all waiting outside. The staff were trained for such a situations. When coming out they brought evacuation kit, which has water bottles,first aid boxes and towels (kids just came out with their swimming costumes). Within minutes a fire fighter and ambulance came as a stand by. The reason i am writing is so much precautions are taken and staff are so well trained to tackle the situations.  Then how did the boy fell into the Gorilla pit ?





6 thoughts on “A Life is a life

  1. sometimes it just happens. I know of an incident when around a 9 month old baby fell into a tiger’s enclosure. the baby slipped from the guardian’s hands or in the struggle to look closely at the tiger, the baby would have leaned..but people watched the baby fall into the tiger’s little pond, till the end when the tiger came back with blood on its face! I don’t know how, or how to console those parents! but they do.

    1. That’s what when people get closer the animals this they are threat to them. Sorry to read about the baby. Once i went to hyd zoo and i saw people climbing on the wall to take a pic of the tiger, i didnt dare to go near nor allowed kids to go near the wall.

      1. I love the hyderabad zoo, Sari.. I remember the peacock there, the moment the spectators pull out the camera, it starts to dance like the rain has fallen 😛 but now it is mostly only about deers I think!

  2. You have analysed very well, Saritha. We are the ones who kill them in their dwelling and now many animals have gone into the ‘endangered species’ list. The killers make money and are scot free. Hope they raise the wall or fence the wall properly. This should not happen again.

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