My Driving Story…..

I started driving here after much push from husband. He threatened many times not to take me any where until i get my driving licence. I got my dubai licence converted here but still i had to do a road test. Gave my written test two years back but didn’t give my road test. Was very happy commuting by train and buses. Went for few classes and the instructor told me that i will never get my licence. So changed my instructor and even she had her own doubts about me passing the test. The reason for their lack of confidence is my parking skills :D. Yes i am severely challenged when it comes to parking.  I can’t park straight or reverse. I had to move the car many times to park it in between the yellow lines.

Now on the day of the test my instructor asked me if i am sure of giving my test. I told her yes..what will happen it’s either pass or fail. I went to the test center and did some practice before the test. The examiner got into the car and told me to start the car. My god my legs were shaking and once i am on the road got my confidence. Then at the end came the parking test much to my horror. The examiner told me to do reverse parking. She told me to park in no.1 parking and i ended up parking in no.2 slot. Much to my surprise she passed me. Was happy that i don’t need to give my test again also happy that i beat husband in the test. He passed in his third attempt ;).

Then i had to take revenge on my previous instructor who told me that i will never pass. That day i saw him at the test center and i went up to him and told him that i passed the test on first attempt !!!!!

Now everyday i drop kids at school and my car has one steering and three drivers. The school is 5 mintues drive from the house and daughters keep on giving commentary sitting behind. I love to drive with them and want to go on a road trip. I had this dream of going with the kids,me driving since i saw this titan ad. But reverse of the role i will be driving and kids sitting with me.

10 thoughts on “My Driving Story…..

  1. YAY !! Congrats Sari…thats too good – to pass in the first attempt 🙂
    ha ha …agree with Swaru…would love to see the first instructor’s face 😀

  2. Go for it .. do that drive .. you will love it and where you are it is such a beautiful place and so many driving options ..

    in uk i can go from one tip to the other in a day so no fun

    I want to do the route 66 in USA some day toooooooooooo

  3. My sympathies for being as diffident on road behind the wheels as I am. I know the theory of it by heart yet on road I simply go blank. Hope, like you, I am able to get over my challenges and fears soon

    1. Lol me too the instructor gave some theory..i learnt it by heart…but like you me too become blank. I go far and park the car so that i don’t block other cars and easy for me to come out inspite of having to walk more 😉

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