I usually get sleep the moment I lay on my bed.I love my bed when it is freshly made.I love the smell of the sheets…that’s a bliss.

Sometimes I don’t get sleep and I have a trick to put myself to sleep.

I saw a telugu movie when I was a kid. The hero a fugitive is running from police and takes shelter at the heroine’s house. She tends to his wounds and when he says he is not getting sleep she tells him to recollect a film story and that will put him to sleep.

It works so well for me.When I don’t get sleep I recollect recently watched movie and if there is no movie I recollect a book I read it recently. There are some books which you can’t take it from your mind. I want to write about books. Next post will be about the books I read last year. Till then bye..sayonara. ..


7 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Quite an unusual way to get to sleep. I tend to listen to soft music (set to a 20 minute timer) and think of my favourite place and then think of being there and before I get to the second song- I am asleep.

  2. Hope you slept well !! Normally I sleep the moment my head hits the pillow 😀
    Otherwise, I keep thinking of blogs to write and then sleep off and forget about the whole blog 😛 😛

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