I missed it…

The main draw back of living outside Hyderabad is you are not able to attend any ceremonies nor you can see a person for the last time.
Recently my uncle has passed away suddenly, the only thing I did was shed  tears. He was my mom’ younger brother and have childhood memories with him. The last time I met him was when he had open heart surgery and my mom visited him just few days before he passed away.

Then there was my cousin’s housewarming ceremony. All my cousins and my sisters attended that function and I was missed there.

Yesterday my cousin sister’s daughter got engaged and I am sitting here and crying. I so wanted to go but can’t. My girl’s passports has gone for renewal and also I have to see the cost involved .  Spoke to my sister and first thing she said to me was she missed me and my girls. I am very happy that her daughter is getting married. She and myself don’t share same mother but she is my elder sister. She came to live with us and help my mom when she was 10 years old. Wanted to write about her I am falling short of words. Will write it soon….

8 thoughts on “I missed it…

  1. This is the worst part of being far away. You end up missing out on all the functions, and being able to meet relatives/friends based in India. That too someone as warm as you who takes relationships seriously and bothers to keep in touch. 🙂 It’s a shame that your girls’ passports were up for renewal.

    Hugs! Do not worry too much…. Surely you could try and make it for the wedding? You missed only her engagement right?

  2. These are the things we miss the most when we are away! Hope you can be at the wedding.

    I don’t think i can attend the wedding telugu mom, schools are starting from September and from next month it’s full time school for both the girls..

  3. Well, those are the pitfalls of living outside India. In the past 1 year of living in India, i have attended more weddings, house warming, birthday celebrations, death mourning than what i have done in my whole 12 years in Singapore. You can catch up with all of them when you visit Hyd next.

    I will inform all my bachelour/spinster cousins to fix their marriages when i am in hyderabad…and also get togethers of the school friends…

  4. Thats the other side of the coin, isnt it Sari ???
    Tight hugs to make you feel better !!! Its just the way things sometimes happen – just keep thinking everything happens for a reason and it better be a good one !!!

    Yeah uma and thanks for the encouraging comment..Super tight hugs…

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