Summer Time

It’s been a while i updated my blog… It’s summer time and kids are at home.  Took a break from work will start working again after summer holidays. Kids are getting super bored at home and finding ways to entertain them…. Summer here is quite annoying. I have seen summer where the temperature goes above 50 degrees. Here maximum temp is 37-39 degrees but the day is hot till 9-10 in the night. The sun sets at 8.00 pm and rises pretty early. And the humidity is quite high. I enjoyed winter here than the summer.

Kids are happy to be home and here kids have whole hot of summer activities. One of them is the reading club in the local library. I have enrolled them in the club and each kid can pick up upto 50 books from the library. They gave them a passport in which they have to record the books they read and show them in the library. For each book read they give them a sticker and a chance to enter into a draw. After two months there will be a draw and the lucky kid gets to eat at Baskin robbins ice cream parlour. And also every week they have a movie for the kids, magic show and animals show.


Every day evening i take kids out for a bi-cycle ride or to play in the park.

IMG_0660[1]  Feeding ducks at the park

IMG_0522[1] Fun at the park

IMG_0545[1]  Burger for whole family 😀

Have to share this picture here 😀


Jelly beans—Sai baba’s prasad.



12 thoughts on “Summer Time

  1. Hey good to see your post after really long break..welcome back !!
    Seems kids are having lot of fun during how you are finding staying there..Nice set of books 🙂

  2. nice Sari!
    I think Summer and Fall are the best times here!! And there is so much to do and places to visit!
    I love spending time at the park too!! 🙂

    1. Yeah Pixie in summer people celebrate as if there is no tomorrow..i used to think why they wait for summer…now i know why…as winter is long and no activity….

  3. Nice to read about the summer vacation preparation! 🙂 Library activities sound really great, hope they are enjoying it!! Hugs to the kids, best wishes, Sai 🙂

  4. The fantabulous National Library of Singapore is what i miss the most about the place. Anything and everything i wanted was just a few hundred meters walk away from my place. The libraries are well stocked, super luxurious. Its sad that no such infrastructure exists for the kids in India. We rather spend money building silly religious places than making places for our kids to enjoy and explore.

    I know we donate to temples rather than sponsoring a girl child or a school…

    The libraries are amazing here…

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